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HelloSign and Oracle Documents Cloud for the Rentals Industry

Kellsey Ruppel
Principal Product Marketing Director

Authored by: Sarah Gabot, Partner Marketing Manager, HelloSign

Landlords and property managers have to deal with a lot of paperwork. With residents moving in and out of units, the papers that each tenant signs can quickly stack up for anyone managing multiple renters. 

The great news is that ever since the ESIGN Act of 2000, electronically signed documents now have the same legal weight of a handwritten signature
For anyone managing rentals, coupling Oracle Documents Cloud Service with HelloSign can be the perfect alternative to managing stacks of paperwork for your rental properties. Simply upload the documents into Oracle Documents Cloud. When you want to send it out to a tenant for a signature, you can do it straight from Oracle Documents Cloud using the HelloSign for Oracle Documents Cloud. 
Using Oracle Documents Cloud with HelloSign is perfect for: 
  • Rental leases
  • Renewals
  • Rental applications
  • Maintenance records
  • Guarantor agreements
Benefits of Moving to Oracle Documents Cloud and HelloSign
As a property manager or landlord, you’ll experience less clutter around your office space once you cut back the amount of paper you use. 
Some lesser known benefits of moving to cloud storage with eSignatures include: 
  • Signing can happen remotely. This can be great for anyone who has a cosigner or is trying to sign an agreement from afar. 
  • Better applicant experience. By allowing your renters to sign their documents electronically instead of having to shuffle through papers or sign in-person, you’re providing them a better experience overall. It makes you look more professional and modern as well. 
  • Faster turn around. When you let your tenants sign their rental documents online, filling out the paperwork becomes faster and easier. 
  • Increased paperwork accuracy. Isn’t it frustrating when someone accidentally misses a field on a form? HelloSign allows document preparers to create “required fields” that prevent signers from sending back the document without the field filled out. This prevents you from receiving incomplete paperwork. 
  • Save money. Every time you print copies of your agreements, applications, and records, you’re spending money on materials: paper, paper clips, folders, staples, etc. When you move to the cloud, you don’t have to worry about buying any of these items. 
Start Using HelloSign for Oracle Documents Cloud 
Want to start using HelloSign and Oracle Documents Cloud to help manage your rental properties? Learn more about how it works in our recent blog post or email us at oracle-sales@hellosign.com for more info. 

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