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Five Best Practices for Going Mobile

Kellsey Ruppel
Principal Product Marketing Director

76% of IT decision makers indicate mobile trends will have a high to extremely high impact on their organization. Has your organization gone mobile? Looking for some ideas on how to get started? John Brunswick shares his Best Practices for Going Mobile.

Mobile technology has gone from nice-to-have to a cornerstone of user engagement. Mobile access enables social networking, decision support, purchasing, content consumption, and location-based searching, extending experiences beyond what is available in traditional desktop computing. 

Organizations rushing to ensure their brand's mobile availability may have taken a tactical approach to implementation, but strategically approaching mobile can enable greater returns on a similar investment and subsequent mobile projects. Here are some strategic considerations for delivering products, services, and information to mobile constituents. 

  1. Who, Why, and What? Ask yourself these key questions: who are you attempting to engage through the channel, and why are they engaging you through this channel? What experience will satisfy their needs? What outcome will support your core business? Will you be informing and/or transacting with this person? 
  2. Mobile Behavior. Mobile users generally engage for a very specific purpose. Ensure that access to information, services, and products is streamlined. Arriving on a mobile site through search only to be asked to search again frustrates users. 
  3. Mobile Is Broad. After establishing the audience and goal, review technology requirements to support them. Do you need a mobile Website, native mobile application, or both? Do you need to support multiple devices? Know the difference between native mobile and mobile Web. 
  4. Social Strategy. Users are more likely to trust reviews from peers than marketing information from a vendor. If you are selling products or services, be sure to make social integration part of your strategy. 
  5. Content Management. Consider a shared content platform strategy for Web and mobile projects. Fresh, consistent content is important for high-quality experiences.
Read more from John Brunswick.We'll also be talking mobile strategies and how you can transform your portal experience and optimize online engagement -- making your portals more interactive and more engaging across multiple channels in a webcast tomorrow. We hope you'll join us!

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