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Engaging Digital Experiences

Kellsey Ruppel
Principal Product Marketing Director
By Mitchell Palski, Oracle WebCenter Sales Consultant

This week we’re happy to have Oracle WebCenter expert Mitchell Palski join us for a Q&A around how you can Deliver Engaging Digital Experiences to your end users.

Q: So before we dive into the topic, it might be helpful for our readers if you could define what the terms Digital Business and Digital Experience mean?
First let’s describe how we are defining those terms – Digital Business and Digital Experience. 

Digital business is the use of any technology to promote, sell and enable innovative products, services and experiences. Digital Business isn't about digitizing everything in sight, it’s about leveraging digital technologies. A Digital Business is an enterprise that embraces technological advances in a way that:
  • Empowers their customers, citizens, employees, suppliers, and partners
  • Optimizes their business operations
  • Fuels innovation and increases business
In order to ensure you are meeting and anticipating customer expectations, your Digital Business needs to deliver a consistent and engaging Digital Experience to customers, citizens, employees and partners. 

To be successful in this area, you must deliver engaging digital experiences that are:
  1. Consistent across all channels to drive user loyalty
  2. Delivering relevant content (including links, documents, promotions, and documents) to the right users and at the right time

Q: It seems that today, everyone is trying to deliver these engaging digital experiences. Can you touch on the importance and why organizations should take action now if they aren’t already doing this?
Today’s consumers are “plugged in” 24/7. They demand instant access to information and transactional capabilities whenever they want them. They are savvy when it comes to making decisions and unafraid to make a change if a company no longer meets their expectations.  

It’s enough for your organization to just have an attractive look-and-feel; it’s more important to deliver a positive customer experience and provide responsive customer service. Organizations have to differentiate themselves across all channels and interactions to not only engage customers but to also retain them in loyal, long-term relationships.  

Q:What types of technologies are out there if an organization was looking to deliver digital experiences to their end users?
Oracle WebCenter can be used in a variety of ways to deliver engaging Digital Experiences:

  • Oracle WebCenter Sites is a Web Experience Management (WEM) tool that enables business users to easily create and manage contextually relevant social and interactive online experiences across multiple channels on a global scale to drive sales and loyalty.
  • Oracle WebCenter Portal is an enterprise Portal platform that can deliver role-based user experiences for use cases such as:
    • Employee intranets (e.g. HR portal, Finance portal)
    • Citizen self-service
    • Partner collaboration
    • Marketing website

Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) is a rules and workflow engine that delivers transactional engagement to a web interface. Oracle WebCenter can provide contextual user experiences while BPM drives efficient and convenient user interaction. For example, Oracle WebCenter would provide a citizen that has a bad driving record with links to pay fines to the Department of Transportation. Oracle BPM would provide that citizen with the actual tools to initiate the payment process, route a payment to the correct DOT employees, and keep all parties aware of the payments status in workflow.

Q: Before we close, do you have any examples of organizations that are already doing this and successfully delivering engaging digital experiences?
Panduit is a world-class developer and provider of leading-edge Data centers, Connected buildings and Industrial automation solutions.
Using Oracle WebCenter and Business Process Management, Panduit is now able to: 
  • Support a growing global partner ecosystem with secure, multilingual online experience
  • Provide integrated role-based experiences for all customers and partners within a single portal (www.panduit.com).
  • Improve number and quality of sales leads through increased web and mobile customer interactions and registrations
  • Experience the benefits with activity up 57% from previous year with portal site @ 42,632 self-serve transactions per month
Thank you, Mitchell for sharing your insight into how to Deliver Engaging Digital Experiences.  If you’d like to listen to a podcast on this topic, you can do so here! We are also doing an Oracle Day with Primitive Logic on Digital Disruption & Experience in Orange County on December 4 -- we hope you will join us!

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