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#DoMoreWithOracle ~  It’s a Social World

We live in very social times – in 60 seconds in today’s
online world, we see 695,000 new searches on Google while 72 hours of new video
is uploaded to YouTube. We send 11 million instant messages and tweet 98,000
times. There are 1389 new blog postings and 695,000 new status updates to
facebook. Meanwhile, Instagram gets 3480 new photos uploaded. 

Some of these figures may seem large, some may seem small,
but they all show a trend for more - More - MORE
as the population becomes ever more engaged with our social media world.

We see staggering
statistics of social media usage across the globe – in 2011 YouTube had more
than 1 TRILLION views or to put this in relative terms that would translate to
140 views for every person on the planet Earth. Over 4 billion hours of video
are watched each month on YouTube. 
Facebook has 845 million active users that create 3.2 billion likes and
comments every day. Facebook users spend an average of 6 hours, 35 minutes per
month on the site. Facebook has reached 100 billion friendships. There are 250
million photos uploaded each day = 173,611/minute.  Let’s face the facts – we are all hooked on
socially engaging via the latest and greatest tools available.

The challenge?

Are you giving your customers, employees and partners the
best online experience they have come to expect from their personal lives?


Not to mention that this also usually includes managing huge
QUANTITIES of business data, while replicating the QUALITY of the social media

So then, how do you manage the qualities of a business – including
data and interaction and replicate the quality of the social media experience?

#DoMoreWithOracle – we can certainly help! Check out the full week of Fusion Middleware Screencasts






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