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Easing into the Cloud for Oracle WebCenter Investments

Author: Marcus Diaz, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

customers who have invested in traditional on-premise deployments of IT
applications to support their business objectives, the growing trend and push
to the cloud can often appear to be a daunting challenge.
But the good news is that it is not an “all
or nothing” proposition when you consider taking a hybrid approach as you step
towards cloud adoption. As Figure 1
shows below, 71% of customers below are taking a hybrid cloud approach which
includes the use of an conventional on-premise IT application in conjunction
with some form of cloud technology.

Figure 1: Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Lift and Shift is a term that is being used quite
a bit these days in talking about the push to the cloud by various cloud
vendors. While exact definitions vary, we at Oracle use this term to mean
copying (or cloning) an on-premises implementation of Oracle WebCenter
Content, Imaging, Portal or Sites environment into Oracle’s public cloud
The targets for these
environments could be either Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Compute cloud or Oracle’s Java Cloud Service (JCS).

All of the current 12c releases of
the WebCenter product family (Content, Imaging, Capture, Portal & Sites) are
certified to run in these Oracle cloud environments.

Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service
(IaaS) Compute cloud environment is a cloud based virtualization service for
deploying your applications. You get a virtualized operating system environment
with a number of pre-allocated CPU cores (Oracle calls them OCPU’s) and storage
running on Oracle cloud infrastructure.
As an administrator, you would do all the same things that you would
have done to install the Oracle WebCenter Stack into your own hardware but
instead you do it remotely using a secure connection to your Oracle cloud

Oracle’s Java Cloud Service (JCS)
cloud environments are similar to IaaS/Compute cloud with one big
JCS comes with a
pre-provisioned Oracle WebLogic Application Server. You still get a virtualized
operating system environment with an number of pre-allocated CPU cores but
instead of starting the application installation process at the operating system level – you start with an
already running WLS server and only need to install the middleware
applications. The additional benefits of
the JCS environment are that the WLS application server functions like
monitoring, backup, update & scale out are integrated into the JCS cloud
administration console functions.

When you lift and shift your WebCenter on-premise
applications to the cloud – these cloud instances can be used for testing, development,
or production environments. For production environments, the high availability
standard reference architectures that the WebCenter products document &
support for clustering and load balancing are supported as well.
Figure 2 below the Oracle WebCenter Content
& Imaging reference high availability architecture.

Figure 2: Oracle WebCenter Content & Imaging Reference HA

From a licensing perspective, it’s a
case of Bring Your Own License (BYOL)
, meaning you can re-allocate your existing on-premise perpetual processor
licenses that you already own and re-deploy them on Oracle’s cloud
infrastructure instead of your own hardware. What you pay for is a subscription
cost for the virtual cloud CPU’s & storage that you use in the Oracle
cloud. You can pay as you go (metered subscription) for the resources you use or
you can prepay (non-metered) for a fixed set of cloud resources.

In summary, with the availability
“lift-n-shift” support in Oracle’s compute cloud
environments you’ve now got the best of
both worlds – the flexibility of the Oracle cloud for scaling and off-loading your
infrastructure costs while continuing to be able to use your existing WebCenter
product family investments and the applications you’ve built around them.

To get started, connect with us via your Oracle WebCenter account representative or your Oracle point of contact. We will drive strategy sessions to work on a roadmap that works best for your short- and long-term needs. And, get the best of both worlds - leveraging your existing investments and benefits of the Cloud.

We know you have questions so please do reach out to us via the comments section or through your point of contact. For more information on our Content and Experience cloud portfolio, visit us at oracle.com/dx.

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  • guest Saturday, October 22, 2016

    I am hearing first time about cloud adoption.I think this will help so many people to manage their expenses and solve lots of problems too. For a business partner they can share the cloud for save their files and also will help them to reduce their stress.

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