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DX Quarterly Summary FY18Q2

Kellsey Ruppel
Principal Product Marketing Director

We are happy to announce we are going to start doing a DX quarterly summary blog post, where each quarter we will bring you the latest announcements, product features and happenings in our Digital Experience space! To kick off Q2, I recently sat down with Karin Cheung, Director of Product Management, Oracle, to get her insight into the latest Content and Experience Cloud news.

Q: Can you summarize the major accomplishments achieved this quarter?
A:   We’ve had a lot of excitement at Oracle Open World in October with key announcements for our Content and Experience portfolio, including omni-channel content management and enhancing applications through seamless content exchange.  Check out our Oracle Content and Experience you-tube channel to see our latest demos.  You’ll learn how omni-channel content publishing makes it easy to have consistent user experiences across mobile, chatbots, IOT devices like Alexa, and even through augmented reality.  You’ll also see how Content and Experience enriches applications like Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Commerce Cloud, to drive efficiency and collaboration across lines of business. 


Q: Were there any great customer stories that you would like to share with our readers? 
A:  It’s so hard to choose, but I’d like to highlight a couple customers with very different use cases that are both great examples of how Content and Experience can help change your business.   First is Turning Point – they are a UK-based charity whose mission is to provide services for patients dealing with substance misuse, mental health and other challenges.  And for them, the ability to reach their patients anytime, anywhere is extremely important and time critical.  And Content and Experience helps them innovate across new digital channels to extend their customer reach, and help contect with patients on any channel. 

Another great customer is AFG, one of Australia’s largest mortgage broking groups and leaders in financial solutions.  AFG’s goal is to have a frictionless customer experience, so that customers can spend their time making decisions about the right loan, rather than being overwhelmed by the loan process itself of managing paperwork and approvals.   Our Oracle solution helps AFG meet these goals by streamlining the loan approval process with faster and better quality customer responses, and significantly improved data and analytics. 

Q:  What are some key content management challenges that companies should be thinking about today?
A:  Great question.   Over the years there’s been an explosion of content, with a proliferation of new content sources, technologies and channels.  And that makes managing content increasingly complex.   Just think about how many new applications are popping up today.  For years, websites and e-mail were the primary channels of interaction.  But now we have mobile apps, social networks, digital signs, augmented reality apps, voice-driven devices… all which need content.   While traditional content management challenges still exist, like inefficient team collaboration or having a hard time finding content, the new and biggest pain has become the inconsistency of content used across these multiple channels.  Whether surfing the web, on a mobile phone, or standing in a store looking at a digital display, content consistency is key to how successfully you can engage your audience.  For more information, check out the following blog post by my colleague Mariam Tariq: “Survey Shows Lack of Centralized Content Management is a Pain for Many Companies”

Q: What else should people know about Content and Experience Cloud?
A: The expansion of new engagement channels, along with distributed teams across the organization who need to access that content, necessitates the need for a content hub.  This content hub then provides a single source of truth for content across all channels, with the ability to curate from other content repositories and applications as needed.  The key is that this content hub isn’t tied to any specific channel or presentation layer, but is all about the content itself and the reusability of that content.  A content strategy that enables content centralization, decoupled content, and API access to content is essentially to achieving an efficient content process across all channels of engagement.  This is what Oracle Content and Experience Cloud is all about.  It’s not about retrofitting an existing CMS to adapt to a new world of content proliferation.  Content and Experience is here as a new service built from the ground up to create a truly multichannel content hub.

Learn more about Oracle Content and Experience Cloud at https://cloud.oracle.com/content and our YouTube channel.   

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