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Digital Transformation through Oracle Content and Experience

Mandar Tengse
Director, Product Management

Co-Author: Lee Ribeiro

Digital transformation is a journey that many organizations have thought about at some point. With the state of today's climate, many are now are being forced to push for this sooner than they thought. Whether expanding communication channels or making resources more readily available for remote employees, Oracle Content & Experience (OCE) can help facilitate this journey. In this blog, we will be covering 3 main areas:

  • What do the different stages of digital transformation look like?
  • How Oracle Content and Experience enables digital transformation for customers at various stages.
  • Customer stories that showcase digital transformation use cases.

Digital Transformation Stages

Analysts agree that the state of the environment brought on by Covid 19 has forced companies to start thinking more seriously about how to tangibly execute a digital transformation strategy: 

  • As per IDC Spending Guide, even amongst challenges presented by COVID 19 Pandemic, digital transformation technologies is one area that would be growing at 10.4 % in 2020 to $ 1.3 Trillion.
  • According to a 2020 Omdia report – COVID-19’s Impact & Enterprise ICT’s futures, organizations need to be able to digitally transformed themselves quicker and with a greater customer focus.  COVID-19’s effects will have ramifications for several years, so CIOs should consider the in-pandemic state as the “new normal.” 

Albeit no two paths to digital transformation are the same, the Omdia report also suggests that organizations have followed somewhat similar paths to implement an enterprise-wide plan:


OCE for Digital Transformation 

While digital transformation often involves various technologies and use cases, Oracle Content and Experience represents a foundational piece that can be utilized as a building block to jumpstart the journey or augment one that has already started.

Oracle Content and Experience for Digital Marketing

Oracle Content and Experience represents a universal content hub that can store all types of digital assets, while allowing an organization to surface this information across any channel in the most optimized way, accelerating digital marketing transformation in organizations:



The digital enterprise is a stage that represents the focus on transforming any process that is manual and disconnected. With more remote employees and interactions happening than ever before, teams need to be as efficient and connected as they can. What this begins to do is push towards productivity improvements and an efficient and agile organization. Oracle Content and Experience can enable organizations in these key areas:


Oracle Content and Experience for Innovation

Digital Innovation represents a continuous experimentation stage to find out what will give organizations the next big leap of advancement in business. Oracle Content and Experience has been used by organizations in innovative ways to easily extend or build entirely new applications. OCE can enable organizations to innovate in these key areas:


 Oracle Content and Experience Customer Stories

Hear from Turning Point how OCE helped in customer experience and helped them in reaching out to customers and improving their Digital Marketing.

Hear from Solarius how they managed to become an agile Digital Enterprise with OCE enabled Digital Transformation. 

Another interesting video that shows how OCE can help build new-age innovative AR app

This blog is the first in a blog series that lays out an overview of how Oracle Content and Experience can play role in digital transformation. Stay tuned, in the next blog post we will be taking a deeper look at the ways Oracle Content and Experience can augment digital marketing.


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