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Creating Engaging Customer Experiences Across Multiple Channels

Kellsey Ruppel
Principal Product Marketing Director

By Srinivasan Sankaran, Principal Product Manager, Oracle WebCenter Sites

Delivering seamless and consistent visitor experiences across channels is a significant challenge for marketers. In part, this is hindered by silos of disparate data and content in marketing departments and across organizations: All too often the data needed to effectively engage and personalize customer and anonymous visitor interactions, is stored in silos -- inaccessible to the tools and people that need it most... the marketers. The same is typically true of the content used on the website and in emails: it is often in separate repositories, or worse, file systems and is not shared between the different channels, creating an inconsistent user experience across email, web and mobile.

To help marketers deliver more personalized and effective campaigns and engaging customer experiences across digital channels, content and data need to be easily shared and utilized by all the channels. The latest integration of WebCenter Sites and Eloqua enables marketers and business users to easily deliver experiences for the web and email channels respectively. Rather than considering email and web channel independently, this integration provides the much needed continuity between email campaigns and web channel  by sharing content, theme and branding. This allows marketers to ensure a seamless and consistent visitor experience when crossing between campaign channels and the main website. In addition to content and branding, by sharing the visitor profile information across channel, marketers can retain the context of visitor interaction and serve targeted content to the visitor. This is achieved in the following ways:
  • Simplified lead generation: Eloqua can now share lead generation forms directly with WebCenter Sites. Marketers simply drag and drop the Eloqua forms directly into WebCenter Sites web pages and visitor data is passed back to Eloqua. Now, when a prospect comes to the website through organic search, provides their email address or other information to access some gated content, Eloqua is made instantly aware of the visitor journey during the website session. Sharing both forms and visitor responses provides insight into the visitor’s digital body language, and creates a unified engagement experience. 
  • Content and experience sharing: Using the new WebCenter Sites Cloud Connector, marketers creating campaigns in Elqoua can utilize the same content in WebCenter Sites across web pages, landing pages, and emails. By sharing and reusing the content from WebCenter Sites to unify the customer experience and consistency across channels, marketers can deliver higher conversion rates. 

  • Personalizing and targeting across channels: Both WebCenter Sites and Eloqua provide personalization. Now visitor profile data can be shared between the two, enabling a highly personalized and consistent experience email, landing pages, and the visitor’s entire web experience. When a visitor lands on a WebCenter Sites page, WebCenter Sites can utilize Eloqua visitor profile data to target specific content and information to the visitor by personalizing not only their visit to a landing page, but on any page wherever they navigate around the web site.  Now, by sharing both content and visitor profile data across Eloqua and WebCenter Sites, the visitor is guaranteed a consistent personalized experience, one that leads to higher conversions. 
Bringing together WebCenter Sites with the Eloqua marketing automation platform provides:
  • Marketers with a unified, enterprise ready, engagement platform that gives them a robust suite for increased customer acquisition
  • Enhanced customer journey management to create a consistent and unified visitor experience that leads to increased conversions
  • Faster time-to-market with the ability to quickly and easily find, utilize and publish content, across emails and websites, without IT involvement

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