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Content and Experience Cloud REST API Consolidation

Kellsey Ruppel
Principal Product Marketing Director

Authored by Victor Owuor, Senior Director, Software Development, Oracle

You are probably aware of our efforts to rebrand Content and Experience Cloud platform to offer a cohesive application suite that allows convenient development of applications, which take advantage of our product offerings.  It is our intent to present a consolidated package of our feature set, abstracting away the different applications that comprise the Content and Experience Cloud product suite.   A consolidation of our REST API is a critical part of that effort.

In previous releases, the REST API was in two separate packages, one for “Social” and another for “Documents.”  That separation did not reflect the needs of our developers, who, for example, may need to obtain a conversation related to a document.  Another use case that spanned both of those packages is a developer that wants to embed a document in a conversation.  Those use cases are typical for developers and it is our goal to streamline the experience when write such applications.  Other developer documentation, such as documentation of the Sites SDK or the DOCS Application Integration Framework was also separate.   We have started making changes to the product and documentation to address those issues.

The first change is already evident in documentation for Content and Experience Cloud, shown below.   We now have a single landing page for developers that clearly lists the separate aspects of the developer interfaces that we offer.  For the REST API, we have a link for Content Management that includes the documentation for the DOCS REST API, and other content management API Calls.  We also have a link for Collaboration that includes the documentation for what was previously the Social REST API, and other Collaboration API calls. Additionally, the same landing page includes information about the JavaScript SDK for developing Sites and the Application Integration Framework for extending Documents.

The REST service end-points will be as follows:

  1. Content Management
    • Documents - /documents/api/…Collaboration
    • Social - /social/api/… 

We have plans to do additional work to make it easier to develop using the API.   The most important of those plans is our effort to harmonize the treatment of various common REST resources, such as people, groups, documents across the suite, which we hope to achieve later this year.   We are also working to harmonize the authentication and security model across all REST end-points in the same timeframe.

Please try the new REST API and documentation and share any feedback or reaction in the comments.

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  • jones Monday, April 17, 2017

    oww..lots of information i get now..thanks for sharing this useful artticle..i am really benefit from thissss thankss....

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