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Announcing Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite 11g

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Today Oracle announced Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite 11g.

This is a major release for us, and reinforces our three key themes at Oracle:


  • New in this release - Oracle ECM Suite 11g is built on a single, unified repository. Every piece of content - documents, HTML pages, digital assets, scanned images - is stored and accessbile directly from the repository, whether you are working on websites, creating brand logos, processing accounts payable invoices, or running records and retention functions.

  • It makes complete, end-to-end management of content possible, from the point it enters the organization, through its entire lifecycle.

  • Also new in this release, the installation, access, monitoring and administration of Oracle ECM Suite 11g is centralized.

  • As a complete system, organizations can lower the costs of training and usage by having a centralized source of information that is easily administered.

  • As part of this new unified repository release, Oracle has released a benchmarking white paper that shows the extreme performance and scalability of Oracle ECM Suite. When tested on a two node UCM Server running on Sun Oracle DB Machine Half Rack Hardware with an Exadata storage server, Oracle ECM Suite 11g is able to ingest over 178 million documents per day.


  • Oracle ECM Suite 11g is built on a service-oriented architecture. All functions are available through standards-based services calls in Web Services or Java.

  • In this release Oracle unveils Open Web Content Management. Open Web Content Management is a revolutionary approach to web content management that decouples the content management process from the process of creating web applications. One piece of this approach is our one-click web content management. With one click, a web application builder can drag content services into their application, enabling their users to also edit content with just one click.

  • Open Web Content Management is also open because it enables Web developers to add Web content management to new and existing JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Faces applications

  • Open content distribution - Oracle ECM Suite 11g offers flexible deployment options with a built-in smart cache so organizations can deliver Web sites or Web applications without requiring Oracle ECM Suite as part of the delivery system


  • Oracle ECM Suite 11g also offers a series of next generation desktop integrations, providing integrations such as:
  • New MS Office integration with menus to access managed content, insert managed links, and compare managed documents using standard MS Office reviewing tools

  • Automatic identity tagging of documents on download - to help users understand which versions they are viewing and prevent duplicate content items in the content repository.

  • New "smart productivity folders" to show a users workflow inbox, saved searches and checked out content directly from Windows Explorer

  • Drag and drop metadata pop-ups

  • Check in and check out for all file formats with any standard WebDAV server

  • As part of Oracle's Enterprise Application Documents initiative, Oracle Content Management 11g also provides certified application integrations with solution templates

You can read the press release here.

You can see more assets at the launch center here.

You can sign up for the announcement webinar and hear more about the new features here.

You can read the benchmarking study here.

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