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7 Best Practices of Web Experience Management

Guest Author

Today's guest post is from Alakh Verma, Director of Platform
Technology Solutions at Oracle.


Alakh Verma

7 Best Practices of Web Experience Management

Alakh Verma, Director, Platform Technology Solutions,

my recent blog posts, I shared insights on personalization and
care that plays significant role in offering pleasant user experience (
Personalization: A Key Tenet of User Engagement)
and then on importance of Portal and Content (
If Content is the King, then Portal is the Queen).
In this post, my efforts are to identify and summarize some of the best
practices of Web Experience Management(WEM) to create delightful customer
experience based on the recent research report by CITO Research.

report is available here:

Create a Successful and Meaningful Customer Experience on the Web


The immense success and proliferation of
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and mobile/smart devices such as
iPhones, Blackberry and Tablet PC among consumers has created consumerization
of IT and new paradigm shift seeking pleasant web experience. Now, consumers
have become more powerful than before with access of information and social
media to communicate to the world at the fingertip.

1) Social Computing
and Use of Social Media
is changing the way people interact with each other
and with companies online.
A recent
report from Comscore showed that two-thirds of shoppers begin their process
online, and the most frequent starting point is the retail site itself. These
consumers are engaging, connecting and collaborating. They want to understand
what their friends liked, what other options are available, and what people
like them ultimately bought.
Most of these consumers consider Facebook
recommendations when making decisions about purchasing.
Jeff Bullas in his recent blog writes about Best Buy
successful implementation of social media that energized its employees and
customers (
How Best Buy energized employees and
customers with social media

2) Consistent Experience Across Multiple Channels and Devices have offered Customers many choices of accessing the Web in new, engaging and
collaborative ways than before and they want that ease and diversity to be
reflected in their dealings with businesses as well. Consumers change channels
and switch devices whenever they need to. They can keep tabs on friends and
family on Facebook and follow the Twitter regularly. They can find a nearby restaurant
with foursquare geolocation on their phone and then look up reviews of that
restaurant on Yelp.
With changing
consumer patterns and behavior, it is extremely important to offer targeted,
personalized, relevant and consistent experiences across these channels and

3) Mobility-Smart
Devices and Tablets
We have witnessed a smart revolution of the
mobile space. As per the recent statistics report, the number of mobile devices
has increased fivefold from 1 billion to 5 billion, with a resulting escalation
in the number of connected people from 400 million to over 2 billion. This
unprecedented growth of connectivity is creating an overwhelming range of new
possibilities, and tapping, swiping, locating, pinging and socializing are
quickly becoming part of normal human behavior. Technology is starting to
change people and these people, whether consumers or employees, will change businesses.
As per recent report by research firm IDC, mobile usage will surpass that of
PCs and other wired devices by 2015. Mobile data traffic is expected to
increase 26-fold between 2010 and 2015. In this rapid shift, mobility has to be
the integral part of the solutions and the framework.

4) Real Time Decisions and Social Analytics The recent technology such as big data analytics helps and supports us with
right information, real-time event messaging provides at right time, mobility
at right place anywhere and social media in the right context to make right decisions.
I have shared my insights on my earlier post on how critical are Real Time
decisions in business today?

5) Personalized Experiences In the connected
business environment, consumers expect companies to know about them and their
likes and dislikes. For a compelling and relevant experience across channels,
companies need to target, analyze, and optimize the customer experience. I had discussed and shared insights
on this personalized experience in my earlier post (Personalization:
A Key Tenet of User Engagement

6) Multiple Stakeholders Need Control Expectations for
system usability and manageability have changed manifold. Marketers and line
of-business executives require that managing websites be extremely easy to
manage their campaign and relevant content to meet the timely execution
Nontechnical users need to be empowered to build websites, design the layout,
make content changes, set up targeting rules, control user-generated-content,
and enable the mobile web, all from an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. (Oracle
WebCenter Sites based on FatWire acquisition enables this seamlessly.)

7) Integrated Campaign to Drive Customers In order to create
a compelling web experience for customers, we need the ability to organize and
access their enterprise data and leverage it in web interactions. We need a technology
platform that helps create an integrated campaign to encourage repeat business
suiting consumer lifestyle either at work or on the road on an iPhone or
visiting a physical store or calling customer service.

Oracle WebCenter is
one of the leading technology platforms that offers comprehensive web
experience management capabilities such as targeting and optimizing content,
social computing, and multichannel engagement—all of which help improve
customer loyalty, drive web traffic, and target new customer segments. In one
integrated suite, it combines an array of complementary capabilities: web
experience management (Oracle WebCenter Sites), composite applications and
mashups (Oracle WebCenter Portal), social networking and collaboration (Oracle
WebCenter Social), and enterprise content management (Oracle WebCenter

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