Why Connect Plus Manages One of the Busiest Roadways in Europe with Oracle Aconex

May 7, 2019 | 3 minute read
Janet Poses
Product Marketing Director
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Taking the long term (30 year) view around London

The Connect Plus consortium — including Edge Orbital Holdings Ltd., Balfour Beatty, and Egis Road Operation UK — was awarded a 30-year contract for the M25 London Orbital Motorway, which wraps around London.

The scope also includes motorways serving central London and the surrounding area and the A282 Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing. Connect Plus is contracted to deliver major improvement projects, on top of operations, maintenance, and an average of £40 - £50 million annual spend in major asset renewals. 

Connect Plus ensures the safety of the traveling public, and helps maximize the availability/ use of the network, by delivering these works.

Maintaining 140,000 assets across 440km of project road

To deliver the operation and maintenance (including renewals) of 140,000 assets across 440km of project road and the delivery of improvement schemes, Connect Plus works with five contractors and an operator-project management company. This wider team collaborates using Oracle Aconex.

Implementing Oracle Aconex as a common platform across organizations has helped to support Connect Plus’s vision of creating a sustainable, supportive, value-driven community culture. The contracting organizations formed the The Collaborative Transformation Steering Group (CTSG).

Data collected and reported via Oracle Aconex helps CTSG identify areas of focus and attention.

An innovative consortium to the rescue

This innovative and resourceful consortium has embraced process improvement and technology to meet the stringent demands of the public and their contract.

The Connect Plus financial model understands that 10 percent cost efficiencies are achievable in the longer-term (modeled from year 15 onwards) by collaborating to develop more efficient, innovative processes.

Connect Plus put forth comprehensive management objectives to help guide their program execution.

The Connect Plus asset management objectives

Objective 1: Deliver a whole life approach

Objective 2: Minimize the impact of maintenance works

Objective 3: Maintain the project facilities

Objective 4: Enhance our knowledge of the project facilities

Objective 5: Respect the environment

Objective 6: Reduce risk

How Connect Plus uses technology to overcome three project challenges

1. Challenge: The Connect Plus consortium is comprised of three discreet entities that seamlessly work together.

Solution: The consortium paid close attention to several components necessary to the project's success. These included: which organizations and individuals comprised their team, what kind of contract structure was put into place, and what type of technology was implemented.

Success! The team removed several organizational barriers by using Oracle Aconex, a centralized, project-wide system that is equally accessible to all project team members.

2. Challenge: Connect Plus must reduce costs over time, while delivering the requirements of the contract.

Solution: Connect Plus recognized the need to assess, streamline, and standardize processes - not simply automate them.

For example, they reduced their correspondence processing from a 30-step process to just seven steps. They subsequently automated and standardized the seven-step process using Oracle Aconex.

The consortium saved 48 person hours per month just on this one process.

3. Challenge: Connect Plus is responsible for managing and improving one of the busiest motorways in Europe.

The consortium believes that maintaining public safety and open communication within their team are crucial components to the project.

Solution: So how did Connect Plus ultimately minimize discrepancies and reduce risk?

The consortium implemented one common data environment with a complete audit trail of communication. Easy access to data and reporting also helps streamline data capture in support of communication to the public.

In addition, Connect Plus has faster and more reliable access to documents and information sharing between project managers, engineers, designers, and contractors.

Connect Plus managed their community forum 30 percent faster than before, thanks to quick access to reliable information in Oracle Aconex.

Connect Plus's commitment to the public

Connect Plus is on track to successfully fulfill their 30-year responsibility to the public. They are continuously reviewing and improving processes to meet their necessary cost reductions.

Even the project managers are saving up to eight hours per week by using Oracle Aconex. Those precious eight hours are spent planning instead of searching, reporting, and wading through tedious administrative work.


Learn more about how Oracle Aconex helps Connect Plus standardize their processes and fulfill their 30-year responsibility to the British public.

Explore how you can deliver project success with Oracle Construction and Engineering.

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