Turner & Townsend Leads the Way: Delivering Better Outcomes with Oracle Aconex

May 20, 2019 | 3 minute read
Janet Poses
Product Marketing Director
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Turner & Townsend, a global consultancy business serving clients in the infrastructure, natural resources, and real estate sectors, has a history of working smarter to deliver better outcomes for its clients.

The consultancy firm embraced a project-wide solution, regardless of project type, to deliver information management solutions to their clients.

Turner & Townsend can now streamline processes, centralize data, and improve reporting for clients across sectors by moving to one consolidated collaboration platform. The organization selected Oracle Aconex after evaluating several different systems.

Streamlined collaboration: Managing cross-organizational programs

Turner & Townsend routinely manages large programs with numerous projects and stakeholders. The firm must track due dates across thousands of deliverables while avoiding errors in naming, numbering, and documentation that could potentially cause project delays.

Given the risks associated with delays, Turner & Townsend wanted one clear picture of the entire program, as well as stakeholders collaborating on a consolidated platform.


The consulting firm was looking for a secure information and process management solution that provides real-time tracking to help proactively identify and resolve bottlenecks. In the past, reporting was ad hoc, time consuming, and challenging to keep up-to-date.

Certain projects required detailed reporting requirements to meet compliance, meaning Turner & Townsend had to provide specified information and maintain auditable records.

Turner & Townsend wanted one single source of truth with accurate, up-to-date, and project-wide reporting to share project status reports with upper management and clients, and help keep their projects on track.

The firm can compare project-to-project performance, and make improvements across the board, by standardizing on Oracle Aconex across projects.

Technology and the future of construction

  1. Standardization

Data is at the core of digital project delivery spanning both processes and systems.

Turner & Townsend captures and analyzes their data using Oracle Aconex to proactively highlight issues that must be addressed.

Standardization is a challenge that the E&C industry routinely faces given the high level of variability across sectors and projects. Turner & Townsend discovered that standardization increases transparency across organizations, boosts team members’ productivity moving between projects, and decreases training time and costs.

“Turner & Townsend has been recognized as the market leader in realizing the benefits of technology standardization on projects through the implementation of Oracle Aconex,” says Zheng Choo, associate director at Turner and Townsend.

  1. Configurability

Turner & Townsend needed a configurable platform that could meet each projects’ unique requirements. The firm implemented Oracle Aconex to support standard Turner & Townsend protocols and to address the workflow, data management, and reporting requirements of each project.

  1. CDE BIM Level 2

The firm wanted to streamline processes across multiple clients and sectors, as well as have a common data environment to achieve building information modelling (BIM) level 2 compliance.

Turner & Townsend used Oracle Aconex to help project teams easily share, comment on, and/or manipulate models without the need for special authoring or viewing software.

BIM model management also helps the organization delve into the model, share it across the team, and quickly identify areas of potential conflict or concern. Addressing these items early in the project often saves significant time and money, resulting in reduced RFIs and variations.

The results

Turner & Townsend has significantly improved their clients’ outcomes by streamlining and automating processes.

Accomplishments on one of their projects include:

  • 10% reduction in scope changes by enabling team members outside of the design team, including the client, to participate in the BIM review process
  • 92% faster model review cycles on average, reduced from five days to just three hours
  • 90% faster weekly RFI reporting, reduced from 30 minutes to two minutes
  • Easy access to status and reporting saved on average one hour per day for the project manager.

Read more about Turner and Townsend’s success.

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Product Marketing Director

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