The Trailblazers: How Pioneering Leaders are Redefining Innovation in Construction

May 15, 2019 | 2 minute read
Burcin Kaplanoglu
Executive Director, Innovation
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Over the past year, several of us at Oracle Construction and Engineering have pondered how to address this looming question:

How can we help architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) organizations freely exchange ideas surrounding how they cultivate innovation in their companies and take advantage of new technologies?

The answer was simple: Let’s speak with leading innovation leaders and share our conversations to see whether we can spark a broader dialogue in the AEC community.

Throughout my career, I’ve benefited greatly from conversations with like-minded peers interested in charting new territories and sharing how they’ve overcome challenges.

“Innovation is creativity with a job to do; unless it solves a problem, it can just be a distraction.” David Wilson, chief innovation officer, Bechtel Corporation

These informal discussions—many of them with thought leaders featured in this report—have helped sculpt our “open innovation” philosophy as well as our recently launched Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab. This cutting-edge facility is a place for us to innovate with customers, partners, and other industry leaders.

My friend Darren Bechtel of Brick and Mortar Ventures once told me:

“For an AEC organization to survive, and thrive over the next 10 years, they need to be investing in innovation right now.

And much more than just talking about it, they need to be actively seeking out new technologies and learning how to work with the new generation of ever-improving solutions- or they’ll have a hard time remaining competitive.”

I agree with Darren’s point. The industry must work together to spark creative new ideas, exchange knowledge, and spearhead digital transformation, both from within AEC as well as outside the industry. These open discussions will help foster the best ideas and prompt actual implementation.

Our report: "Innovation in Construction: Perspectives from AEC Innovation Leaders"

This eBook comprises several interviews I conducted with an array of AEC innovators for our ongoing “Trailblazers” series on the Oracle Construction and Engineering blog. You'll hear from innovation thought leaders-- including Bechtel, Mortenson, Clayco, Walbridge-- and many more cutting-edge organizations.

In this report you’ll discover:

  • The role of innovation in positioning for AEC success today and tomorrow
  • Areas where machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) will have the greatest impact 
  • Formulas for fostering a culture of innovation at your organization
  • How collaboratively integrating and utilizing current technologies on projects will help spearhead disruption

Download "Innovation in Construction: Perspectives from AEC Innovation Leaders"

I hope these conversations will help foster further discussions and offer a new way forward for organizations and the industry collectively. Please subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on our "Trailblazers" series and participate in the ongoing innovation dialogue. 

Explore innovation in action at the Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab, a simulated worksite with integrated technologies.

Burcin Kaplanoglu

Executive Director, Innovation

Executive Director, Innovation Officer, Oracle

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