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December 1, 2021 | 3 minute read
Rick Bell
Senior Content Marketing Manager
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Through the Oracle Industries Innovation Lab, customers and partners are helping to accelerate innovative new ideas from artificial intelligence and robotics to health and safety in a collaborative, welcoming environment.

Discussions that began four years ago around how to try technologies in the physical world have matured into groundbreaking opportunities at the lab to innovate and experiment in a living, breathing, future-proof facility.

In a recent LinkedIn Live event now available to watch on demand, Oracle Industries Innovation Lab Vice President Burcin Kaplanoglu shares an inside look—literally—at some of the innovative progress taking place at the lab. Kaplanoglu also provides an exciting glimpse into a bright future ahead.

“I wanted to show you what we’ve been up to, what we were able to build in the last couple of years, where we are in this journey, and where we are heading,” he says.

“I wanted to show you what we’ve been up to, what we were able to build in the last couple of years, where we are in this journey, and where we are heading.”

-Burcin Kaplanoglu, Oracle Industries Innovation Lab Vice President

Through an informative series of slides, Kaplanoglu relates the lab’s mission to enable Oracle to effectively collaborate with customers and partners across industries to co-innovate, experiment, and bring to life the power of transformative technologies. Initially a simulated construction site, the lab now is housed in a gleaming three-story facility that is designed to test and validate technologies to solve real-world problems.

A smart apartment with a full kitchen serves as the backdrop to Kaplanoglu’s session. He relates how the Tesla batteries, solar panels, and an EV charger are employed for energy use cases. BIM model coordination and digital twins also are seen through the Virtual Command Center.

Advanced scheduling features through Oracle Primavera Cloud Service, autonomous progress reporting, and reality capture to a common data environment modeled in the smart construction platform are among other lab innovations.

Kaplanoglu recognizes the contributions of the lab’s partners and customers. “To achieve everything I have described, we could not have done this alone. A large, robust ecosystem of companies are helping to solve many challenges,” he says.

As to the future of the lab, Kaplanoglu unveils exciting plans to build an innovation lab near London featuring a repurposed train car. The new lab is focusing on transportation and the key elements of accessibility, mobility, and sustainability—a particularly important initiative for Oracle and its customers.

Kaplanoglu adds that the work done through the lab is vitally important and should not be seen as an innovation theater. It isn’t an exhibit, and it's not a showcase.

“We’re not here for the sake of technology,” Kaplanoglu says. “The lab is built around the fact that we need to solve real-world problems with use cases.”

After you watch the LinkedIn Live session, learn more about how the Oracle Industries Innovation Lab is sparking new solutions to real-world problems. And check out more LinkedIn Live sessions.

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