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April 26, 2019 | 3 minute read
Dmitry Grenader
Vice President of Product Management,
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About the author: Dmitry Grenader is vice president of product management at

Construction is one of the most documented industries. Traditionally, much of that documentation goes to waste: jobsite photos are leveraged for a single purpose, then left to collect digital dust. Although this is a standard practice, it’s long overdue for a change.

Today, is joining the Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab to help accelerate this change. Oracle Construction and Engineering customers can now detect and reduce project risk using’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform through an integration with Oracle Aconex.

Based outside Chicago, the Innovation Lab is a unique facility that provides a simulated worksite environment with integrated technologies to help accelerate digital transformation by project- and asset-intensive organizations.

Jobsite photos tell a story

Construction sites can generate more than 50 gigabytes of photos per project. Smartphone, on-site, 360-degree, and drone cameras make it easy to report progress and help safety managers check boxes. However, there’s more to the story on every jobsite.

Photos shine a light on all aspects of a project, from safety gear and equipment to weather conditions and workers’ habits. Connecting the dots between hard data and its sources can help reduce risk over time, and even predict unsafe situations before they take place.

By establishing a unified space for digital assets—such as photos and videos—and processing them, AI is helping the construction industry establish smarter, more effective safety practices.

Oracle Aconex and uses Oracle Aconex’s application programming interface (API) to detect risk in construction photos stored in Oracle Aconex. For example, users can search photo libraries for:

  • Use of personal protective equipment: hard hats, safety gloves, high-visibility vests
  • Ladders, including specific ladder types (e.g., site-built ladders) and workers using them, highlighting fall risk hazards
  • Slip, trip and fall hazards, such as standing water and housekeeping’s AI platform automatically calculates safety performance benchmarks for every jobsite, and delivers reports and dashboards to clarify risk trends. It also identifies top risks requiring attention for each project and highlights positive trends to reinforce the right behaviors.

Vinnie,’s AI platform, is constantly learning to detect new hazard categories, construction materials, and site conditions.

Vinnie is a great fit for Oracle Aconex,  a cloud-based solution that manages information and processes for complex construction and engineering projects. Oracle Aconex makes it easy to collaborate and review project information from any location by automating workflows and managing documents, bids, issues, handovers, and project correspondence.

“We are excited to have join us at our Innovation Lab to help improve jobsite safety and other project outcomes with artificial intelligence. They join a host of truly innovative technology providers at our facility that are working to deliver pioneering solutions to longstanding industry challenges,” said Burcin Kaplanoglu, executive director and innovation officer, Oracle Construction and Engineering.  

How the Oracle Aconex and integration works automatically accesses photographs stored within Oracle Aconex on a per-project basis once configured by an authorized Oracle Aconex user. The AI platform detects risk markers, produces reports and metrics that cover the full project, and continually analyzes new photos as they’re added.’s AI platform is available to all Oracle Aconex customers thanks to this integration. As of today, jobsites around the world can start using AI to detect and reduce risk – thanks to the integration supporting all Oracle Aconex global regions.

AI is redefining the standards for the construction industry and making every jobsite a safer, more productive environment.

See for yourself configuration of Oracle Aconex

Oracle Aconex document register with site photos

About the Innovation Lab

Other technologies in place at the Innovation Lab include connected devices, autonomous vehicles, smart tools, and drones, as well as augmented reality, visualization, and artificial intelligence solutions. By presenting these experiences in a hands-on, real-world environment, the Innovation Lab powerfully brings to life the data insights and continuous operational improvements these technologies can yield in connection with Oracle Construction and Engineering solutions.

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Dmitry Grenader

Vice President of Product Management,

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