Running Initial Load in ODI

March 2, 2020 | 2 minute read
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For Primavera Analytics using ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) as your ETL engine there are a few different ways data is updated:

1- Initial Load - this is run the first time you are setup using ODI and does a 'Full' ETL similar to the traditional ETL process which did truncates and inserts.  This is not an incremental process.  If there are issues during your normal day to day operations where changes may have been missed during a daily ETL due to DB issues or issues with source systems you can run initial load again to catch the data up and make sure all changes have been captured.  This process should be used sparingly and not a regular process as this can interfere with other Real Time Load Plans that could be running.  It is recommended to stop the other Real Time Load Plans before running Initial Load and then restart them once completed if Initial Load being run during regular operational hours where changes from source system could be detected.  

2- Daily -  the daily ETL does an incremental processing of changes into the data warehouse.  Similar to Initial Load covering similar data areas.  

3- Real Time Load Plans (for P6 only as of time of this blog)

-Real Time Global - handles global P6 data such as resources, roles, users, etc. (think dictionary level data).   This is generally triggered by running P6 Global services like Resource management, Enterprise data, or security. 

-Real Time Project - handles projects in P6 tagged for 'Immediate' updates.  If no projects are tagged as such this Load Plan will remain idle. 

-Real Time OnDemand - handles when new projects are added to the system for publication or for Analytics.  Triggered by enabling publication for projects in P6. 


If you need to run Initial Load it should be done so from ODI Studio.   Go to Designer Tab,  Load Plans and Scenarios.  Expand 'Primavera Analytics xxxx'.  Find LOAD_PLAN_INITIAL_LOAD  right click on it and choose Run.  Choose the Data Source to run it with and click OK.   You can view the job running in the Operator tab, 


Jeff Mcdaniel

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