Robotic solutions bring a new kind of tool to the jobsite

September 28, 2021 | 2 minute read
Rick Bell
Senior Content Marketing Manager
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Much of the innovation happening in the construction industry is about leveraging existing data in new ways or taking advantage of new data that never before existed.

Hilti’s Jaibot is designed to take on the tedious and sometimes unsafe task of drilling holes in concrete. Jaibot then captures and can communicate valuable data as it works.

In a recent LinkedIn Live event now available to watch on demand, Oracle Industry Innovation Labs Vice President Burcin Kaplanoglu hosts an entertaining demonstration of Jaibot’s talents followed by a discussion about the value robots bring to the jobsite.

Joining Kaplanoglu is Frank Malangone, executive director, Industry Strategy & Innovation; and Aidan Maguire, business unit manager, Hilti North America.

Maguire performs a walkthrough on the LinkedIn Live presentation as Jaibot navigates the innovation lab, raises its robotic arm and shows how it effortlessly takes on strenuous, repetitive tasks.

As Jaibot quickly drills holes in a ceiling high above, it simultaneously records the data, which tracks quality of the work, project progress, and productivity.

Employee safety is one reason to employ Jaibot. But its ability to capture vital project data makes Jaibot even more valuable.

“What’s appealing with Jaibot is in the use of the data,” Malangone says. “We’ve only begun to scratch the surface.”

Learn more about The Oracle Industry Innovation Lab.

“What’s appealing with Jaibot is in the use of the data. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface.”

-Frank Malangone, Executive Director, Industry Strategy & Innovation, Oracle Construction and Engineering

Adds Maguire, the innovation lab allows partners like Hilti to test, validate and identify new solutions like Jaibot that meet industry needs. Hilti is focused on collaborative robotics specifically suited to construction.

“As contractor utilization of digital data and digital models increases during the construction phase, we’ll see these robotic solutions become even smarter.”

After you watch the LinkedIn Live session, discover how robotics can help capture, publish, and analyze data at jobsites. And check out more LinkedIn Live sessions.

Learn more about: The Oracle Industry Innovation Lab

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Rick Bell

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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