Four considerations to boost public infrastructure sustainability initiatives

April 17, 2023 | 3 minute read
Sarah Roper
Product Marketing Writer
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Earth Day is quickly approaching, and as government agencies secure funds to develop and upgrade public infrastructure, it’s a great time explore new ideas and methods to implement sustainability goals and best practices for those plans.

In our new ebook titled, “Building a New Era in the Push for Public Infrastructure Sustainability Initiatives,” we explore in four parts how public infrastructure projects are transforming in a new era where sustainability initiatives need to be baked into development from the start.

sustainability public infrastructure
"Building a New Era in  Public Infrastructure Sustainability."

Part 1: How the public sector is measuring and meeting sustainability goals

Owners can meet sustainability goals by including green initiatives into their public infrastructure projects. In this section, we explore practical tips to help turn your goals into best practices you can implement in your projects.

Part 2: How Earth Day is influencing climate policies

Since the birth of Earth Day in 1970, the push for environmental education, laws, and other conservation efforts have continued to gain momentum not only in the US but worldwide. In this section, we explore examples of green policy initiatives that are helping to build climate resilience. 

Part 3: Where the influx of infrastructure money is coming from

Public infrastructure projects cost money, but where does the funding come from? In this section, we discuss where these funds come from and how agencies can embrace an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy to better position themselves to tap into those funding sources.

Part 4: Ways Oracle solutions transform sustainability practices

At Oracle, we’re committed to helping project owners execute projects on time and within budget while benchmarking and tracking all aspects of ESG. In this section, we discuss how our construction project management solutions support the public sector to meet environmental sustainability goals, even with your most complex challenges. 

Learn more about sustainability in construction during our upcoming webinar

Sustainability in construction
"Sustainability in construction"

Ready to take your sustainability initiatives to the next level? In our webinar, "Sustainability in construction: Saving the planet one project at a time" on April 25 at 10 a.m. PT, you’ll learn how technology can help you reach the sustainability goals of your projects and programs, and you’ll hear how organizations are successfully managing their construction projects to meet sustainability requirements and deliver on time and within budget.

Topics will include:

• Wind and solar farm projects that aim to generate 2+GW of low-carbon electricity

• Rethinking public infrastructure programs to reduce greenhouse gases

• The Oracle Industries Lab: a place to share how sustainability can be achieved across all industries

Happy Earth Day!

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Sarah Roper

Product Marketing Writer

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