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February 28, 2019 | 3 minute read
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E&C organizations generate a lot of data across multiple complex projects – from work practices and schedules to materials inventory and expenses. But as McKinsey has noted, companies are “data rich but insight poor.”

Recognizing this challenge, leading organizations are working to harness their data effectively to make smarter business decisions and drive exceptional outcomes – and then replicate them over and over to maintain their competitive edge.

Such initiatives took center stage at the 2018 Oracle Industry Connect event, where several Oracle Construction and Engineering customers explored their own efforts to leverage data for insights and improvements.

Rockefeller Group: Good Data Helps Deliver Great Real Estate Projects

John H. Pierce, senior vice president, design & construction for New York City’s Rockefeller Group, discussed his organization’s use of Oracle’s Primavera Unifier to manage very large-scale, multi-year projects across the real estate developer’s portfolio.

“We've been able to vastly reduce our project control resources while greatly increasing our project data integrity. We also can forecast outcomes much more accurately than we could before,” Pierce said.

Rockefeller Group can now access consistent data by region, industrial segment, or by each project across its annual capital expenditures of $250-$300 million in a dozen states and five geographic regions.

The company has unified standards and a paperless process that makes company-wide reporting a nearly painless process.

Watch the full webcast here.

Swinerton: Dynamic Enterprise Reporting

In another application of data-driven insight, Swinerton has achieved dynamic enterprise reporting that automates real progress from the field to the fingertips of decision-makers anywhere.

Michael Murphy, vice president and corporate manager of project controls for Swinerton, discussed how the international E&C firm leverages Oracle's Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management in the cloud to deliver insights that are tailored for different levels of the organization beyond just project teams.

The implementation is a blueprint for true organizational collaboration from project level to the C-Suite.

Watch the full webcast here.

NYC Parks: Capital Projects Tracking and Transparency

Diane Jackier, chief of capital strategic initiatives for New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, said that in the current fiscal year, her department will manage 530 capital projects. Jackier expects that number will grow to 600 next year. As a public entity, the department needs to ensure the right level of visibility into that sizable portfolio.

“Our goal is to build better transparency – for the public and government officials – into the progress of projects in our city’s beloved parks,” Jackier said.

In just over four months, the department used Oracle's Primavera Unifier to launch a Capital Projects Tracker that allows the general public, elected officials, and administrators to get up-to-date, easy-to-digest updates on project progress.

The tool also has helped the department complete nearly 20% of construction projects more than a month ahead of schedule in fiscal year 2017.

With the right tools and processes, organizations can leverage their data to derive insights that enable better decision-making, improve outcomes, and drive repeatability of success.

Watch the full webcast here.

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Corie Cheeseman

Corie Cheeseman is a senior content marketing manager for Oracle Construction and Engineering.

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