Oracle Industry Lab partnership with AI Clearing powers construction progress tracking

July 24, 2023 | 4 minute read
Rick Bell
Senior Content Marketing Manager
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Many parts of the construction lifecycle could be more efficient.

AI Clearing is on a mission to boost jobsite efficiency through faster, more accurate, and more detailed information by employing drones, artificial intelligence, and advanced GIS analytics to automate construction progress reporting.

A dynamic new technology partner featured at the Oracle Industry Lab, the AI Clearing platform now integrates with the mobile applications of Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Portfolio Management, the gold-standard solution for globally prioritizing, planning, managing, and executing projects, programs, and portfolios.

“We knew that Oracle is the biggest player in the construction software market, and our customers use Oracle technologies,” says Dariusz Ciesla, AI Clearing’s vice president of product. “The integration with Oracle products is of utmost importance for our company. We started our integration journey in early 2023 with Oracle Primavera P6 to help companies analyze adherence to schedules and report on abnormalities and productivity.”

How the AI Clearing platform works

Seeing a void in trustworthy, quality automated tracking solutions focused on linear projects available to companies, Austin, Texas-based AI Clearing built the first enterprise-ready AI platform for construction progress tracking and quality assurance.

The AI Clearing platform, AI Clearing Core, uses a state-of-the-art workflow engine that automates the process to deliver results in less than 12 hours. With its near real-time construction progress tracking that flags potential delays or problems, AI Clearing Core generates reliable reports covering 100% of the construction site area.

The analytics process starts by uploading thousands of drone images to the platform through photogrammetry production and AI predictions.  

Integrating with Oracle Primavera P6

The next step is to pull the schedule from Oracle Primavera P6 into AI Clearing and link the schedule activities with scopes of work in the model. Then with AI Clearing, overlay the drone imagery on the model, and through AI Clearing's AI algorithms, calculate actual percentage of completion and compare that against planned percent completed. That allows users to compare the scheduled progress that is in Oracle Primavera P6 with the progress in real time—then analyze what's ahead or behind schedule.

“We can update the Primavera P6 activity with the progress that AI Clearing calculates. The business value is that you can see what was and was not updated. You also see what is behind schedule and what is ahead of schedule.”

—Dariusz Ciesla, VP of product, AI Clearing

It concludes with essential analytics of all data sources, including designs, BIM models, schedules, mobile app data, and AI predictions.

“We can also update the Primavera P6 activity with the progress that AI Clearing calculates,” Ciesla says. “The business value is that you can see what was and was not updated. You also see what is behind schedule and what is ahead of schedule.”

The primary benefit to the customer now that AI Clearing is an Oracle partner and connected to Primavera P6 is that there is a link between the schedule and actual activity that provides reliable, timely, and realistic progress because they don't have to wait for anecdotal feedback. Jobsite development can be more closely monitored.

More Oracle solution integrations on the horizon

With the Oracle Primavera P6 integration journey well underway, Ciesla says integrating with other Oracle solutions is of utmost importance to AI Clearing since many of its customers use multiple Oracle products in the Smart Construction Platform.

“We are developing an integration with Oracle Aconex to report adherence to design and spot problems,” he says. “We also plan to integrate with Oracle Primavera Unifier to support construction monitoring and help validate payments to contractors. We feel welcome as Oracle partners. It feels like a real partnership.”

To learn more about innovative companies like AI Clearing that are partnering with the Oracle Industry Lab to tackle complex industry challenges, go here.

The Oracle Smart Construction Platform combines our industry-trusted applications with a common data environment and an ecosystem of partners to help owners and delivery teams work together and continuously improve performance. The platform connects teams and data, synchronizes work, and empowers individuals to make informed, proactive decisions. Power performance with proven Oracle Construction and Engineering solutions for scheduling, portfolio management, construction project management, project controls, construction payment management, and more.

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Rick Bell

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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