Bashundhara Group BIEZL projects anchored by Oracle Primavera Cloud Service

November 10, 2021 | 4 minute read
Rick Bell
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Bashundhara Group is a Bangladesh conglomerate with diverse operations in paper mills, food and beverage, cement manufacturing, media, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, API, chemical, and many more in almost any vertical.

The Dhaka-based corporation’s humble origins began in the late 1980s as a small real estate venture. The tiny East-West Property Development (Pvt) Ltd tirelessly built up the trust of Dhaka’s burgeoning population and blossomed into Bashundhara Group—a massive industrial conglomerate that does it all in multiple industries.

The Group has come a long way in reaching its goals by listening to client needs, learning real-time lessons from past projects, innovating, and partnering its project implementation process. Through major investment undertakings in all key sectors, Bashundhara has meaningfully contributed to the country’s economic stability in financial and capital markets.

Underlying all of the Group's activities are the common threads of change, flexibility, and fostering closer ties with the government, the city corporation, and Bashundhara clients. Most of its projects have been success stories.

This fact alone is enough to justify a sense of confidence in the Group's future.

Addressing the challenges to manage construction projects of BIEZL

As Bashundhara Industrial Economic Zone Ltd. (BIEZL), one of the largest economic zones of Bangladesh, expanded it was clear that modernization to its operations was crucial to maintain relentless schedules. New solutions were needed, so Bashundhara executives sought ways to improve project progress and operations.

Chief Information Officer Sifat Jahar Nur and Mushfiqur Rahman, head of project management (IT), says the company’s goals were bold and aspiring. Since Bashundhara’s reputation is built on launching multimillion-dollar industries, efficiently analyzing and evaluating project risks and portfolio management on a massive scale was imperative.

Streamlining task management across projects with real-time monitoring via cloud-based solutions was a must, they said. They sought to overhaul an archaic planning and scheduling system bogged down by manual processes and inefficiencies.

Their goal: Create a system that improves collaboration among project managers and contractors with information based on a single source of truth.

Implementation of Oracle Primavera Cloud Service is definitely a reflection of Bashundhara Group top management’s vision and thus Oracle Primavera Cloud Service now serves as a guiding beacon that depicts the kind of future to which the Group aspires.

Oracle Primavera Cloud Service is a secure, simple solution

Bashundhara carefully weighed its options. They required a simple solution that met its top-named brands’ comprehensive needs.

Despite evaluating other solutions, and to be matched with internal team members’ skill sets, it was evident that there was only one clear choice: Oracle Primavera Cloud Service to manage and control large-scale projects.

With the assistance of Zahidul Islam of local partner Smart Tech BD and implementation partner Raj Shekatkar of Prodware Solutions, Oracle Primavera Cloud Service has provided Bashundhara with a super-secure, easy-to-use solution that scales in complexity while covering the diverse variety of users and stakeholders.

Bashundhara acknowledged Prodware’s involvement and guidance to ensure the successful completion of Oracle Primavera Cloud Service’s implementation.

“Our industry project team enjoys using Oracle Primavera Cloud Service to manage projects and the entire portfolio,” Rahman says. “It’s much more effective and is also a better way to manage a portfolio with analytics than to manage these manually.”

“Our industry project team enjoys using Oracle Primavera Cloud Service to manage projects and the entire portfolio. It’s much more effective and is also a better way to manage a portfolio with analytics than to manage these manually.”

-Mushfiqur Rahman, Head of Project Management (IT), Bashundhara Group

Oracle Primavera Cloud Service is a fully integrated planning, scheduling, resource, and portfolio management solution that eliminates wasted time by uniting all parties whether they’re in an office or securing a hatch below deck during the planning, execution, and delivery of a new ship.

With Oracle Primavera Cloud Service, time-sensitive schedule changes can be quickly and easily addressed and updated. Schedulers and project managers immediately can see updates and know what needs to be done, even if they’re in different locations.

Taking BIEZL’s project management to the cloud

Bashundhara Group has selected Oracle Primavera Cloud Service because it aligns with company’s cloud initiative, and the cloud pricing is based on a subscription basis.

Oracle Primavera Cloud Service’s features and functionality is simple to execute. Tangible results are already evident by Bashundhara Group even though they just implemented Oracle Primavera Cloud Service in 2021, noting a 15-20 percent increase in operational efficiencies.

It also improves data collection across the project, improving Bashundhara’s analytics to better manage its portfolio. Analytics are made easier with more accurate, timely, and relevant data.

Bashundhara has made meaningful contributions to Bangladesh’s economic stability in financial and capital markets since its founding over three decades ago. Solidifying its rapid expansion into multiple industries are the common threads of willingness to change and flexibility to automate and simplify its solutions.

Maintaining legacy systems and using manual processes are susceptible to the risk and errors that can quickly sink an operation. Bashundhara Group knows that implementing Oracle Primavera Cloud Service provides shared planning and scheduling information to cut risk and boost the predictive performance on every project from start to finish.

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