Oracle Preconstruction software provides an easy and efficient construction bid/tender process

September 22, 2021 | 3 minute read
Rick Bell
Senior Content Marketing Manager
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Preconstruction sets the table for a successful project. Much depends on this early stage, in which general contractors solicit bids and determine which subcontractors best align with their budget, schedule, and standards for quality.

General contractors now have a new online preconstruction bid/tender solution to find and manage relationships with the right subcontractors before the first shovel turns dirt. Oracle Preconstruction is a cloud solution that enables centralized management of the entire bid/tender process and documentation.

General contractors manage both private bid/tender packages only visible to those they have invited as well as public bids available to subcontractors in the Oracle Preconstruction marketplace.

“Oracle Preconstruction benefits both general contractors and subcontractors by providing an easy, intuitive interface to start and manage the bidding process,” says Janyce Page, director, product strategy, Oracle Construction and Engineering. General contractors can send and track bid/tender invitations and provide additional documentation that could be valuable during the bidding process.

Maintain constant communications

Oracle Preconstruction simplifies the task of building partnerships between general contractors and subcontractors by streamlining communications throughout the bidding process via correspondence management, messaging, and RFIs (requests for information). Since there can be thousands of documents in the preconstruction process, the system maintains a complete record of all correspondence between parties, so nothing is lost.

General contractors also can track who’s viewed the bid/tender invite and has downloaded the documents.

“Oracle Preconstruction benefits both general contractors and subcontractors by providing an easy, intuitive interface to start and manage the bidding process."

-Janyce Page, Product Strategy Director, Oracle Construction and Engineering

Manage bid/tender documentation in one place

The cloud solution provides secure, cost-effective, centralized management of the entire bid/tender process. General contractors have a single location to publish their bid notices complete with required documentation, timetables, instructions, and other information.

“A lot of times there are administrative documents that need to go to multiple people,” Page says. Some documents must be seen by everyone while others only need to go to subsets of people. “Oracle Preconstruction lets you manage who can see each document.”

Build a roster of talented partners

General contractors can easily import their current partner list, then quickly search the centralized marketplace for potential new subcontractors that meet required benchmarks and qualifications. As the online marketplace expands, its value grows exponentially for general contractors and their partners.

The solution is a time-saver, as general contractors conveniently message selected subcontractors regarding document management and process updates. Bids/tenders will keep flowing through the pipeline, and all parties remain on the same page.


Image 1: Publish bid opportunities

Benefits for subcontractors

Subcontractors can join the marketplace at no cost, enabling them to showcase their industry expertise to potential new partners and to see and respond to open bids. If they opt for a premium subscription, subcontractors can also view project-award status and review bid history analytics. In addition, they can enhance their marketplace profile with information on specialties and certifications as well as customer testimonials.

And they can search for general contractors and send connection requests.

“It's a LinkedIn-type functionality,” Page says. “They have the opportunity to introduce themselves to general contractors that they haven't worked with in the past.”

Oracle Preconstruction currently is available in North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Rick Bell

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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