Oracle Industries Innovation Lab helps FARO test new scanning, laser projector technology

February 16, 2021 | 3 minute read
Kipp Ivey
Applications Business Development Manager
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The Oracle Industries Innovation Lab Phase II construction project was a fantastic opportunity for FARO Technologies, Inc. to engage with our industry partners and clients such as Oracle and Pepper Construction. For a period of six months, we had an open door to test new workflows and products on a live construction site. This project was unique in that it provided us a safe space to test products early in their development.

While participating on this project, we released FARO Trek, an automated scanning integration with Boston Dynamics Spot Mobile Robot using a FocusS series scanner. Having access to a live testing environment benefited the launch.

Trek is the first automated scanning workflow for contractors performing high frequency scanning applications such as progress monitoring, as-builts and digital twins.

Scan data can be loaded into FARO BuildIT Construction for quality analysis, FARO As-Built for AutoCAD and Revit for point cloud modeling or uploaded to FARO WebShare Software for collaboration with project stakeholders.

In addition to Trek, we tested our Tracer Laser Projector on this active construction project. This allowed us to get valuable feedback directly from the Pepper Construction team on how the Tracer can help address or mitigate common challenges with virtual templating and installations. 

One of the added benefits of a live construction site is the opportunity to test in a constantly evolving environment. As the interior of the building started to take shape, we brought out our new mobile scanning solution, FARO Swift.

FARO was able to expand the value of the FocusS Series scanner and speed up data capture nearly 10 times using the addition of the SWIFT System add on. The ability to capture point cloud information of each level within a few minutes allowed for quick decisions, minimized interference of work, and enabled more time to focus on other tasks.

At FARO, customer feedback is important to help validate our product roadmap and ensure that the capabilities of these solutions meet the needs of the market. The feedback from Oracle and Pepper Construction, along with testing on a live site, will continue to benefit the industry as we work to evolve our solutions.

With the pending completion of the Oracle Industries Innovation Lab, Oracle has created a venue that will merge hospitality with technology to create a space for vision and innovation. FARO is looking forward to continuing the collaboration already underway with our partners at Oracle and Pepper Construction.

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Kipp Ivey

Applications Business Development Manager

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