Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab Welcomes New Partners nPlan, Raken, Sensera

September 1, 2020 | 4 minute read
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The Oracle Industries Innovation Lab was launched last year to bring to life the connected worksite, enabling visitors to experience the potential of wearable and sensor technology, drones, autonomous vehicles, visualization, and other technology in a hands-on, simulated jobsite environment.

Today, the facility represents an integrated ecosystem of hardware and cloud solutions yielding productivity, safety and quality improvements, and rich data insights. We’re working with numerous technology partners to embed their innovations into the Lab to help construction and engineering organizations plan and execute digital transformation roadmaps.

We’re excited to announce three of the latest partners to join the Lab as we expand the pioneering facility, which is based outside of Chicago.

nPlan: Predicting the outcomes of construction projects to help understand complexity and risk

nPlan uses machine learning technology and a large dataset of construction programs to help understand uncertainty and risk in construction projects. The UK-based organization’s software makes high-quality predictions that are visualized in an interactive front-end web app and a suite of APIs for contractors, clients, and government organizations around the world in the energy, infrastructure, and building sectors.

Construction projects are consistently and sometimes critically delayed because of inefficient schedules, and misunderstood risk. nPlan’s proprietary algorithms can understand project schedules and self-organize to emulate human experience. The company’s machine learning engine digests hundreds of millions of schedule tasks to help understand context and detect patterns in task performance and schedule adherence.

nPlan generates visualized predictions based on clients’ schedules, ensuring what it calls “superhuman accuracy.” nPlan has trained its algorithms with ~250,000 schedules, and users can draw insights at a portfolio level, project level or in the granular detail, offering value to planners, managers, and executives.

Raken: Construction daily reports and field management

Raken is a construction field operation software company based in Carlsbad, California. The company’s original focus was to simplify the daily reporting process, but this vision has since grown into a comprehensive platform offering web and mobile solutions for daily reports, time cards, photo management, production tracking, toolbox talks, and more.

Raken can help users determine how to improve field management in a real-life setting at the Lab. The solution easily puts digital reports in a mobile environment and seamlessly integrates with Oracle Aconex.

Raken expedited the flow of communication between the field and the office by helping field members to quickly and easily collect and send photos and data to the office, providing insights into project progress for those not present on the jobsite. The easy-to-use mobile app cuts reporting time down from an hour a day to just a matter of minutes, allowing field supervisors to get back to what matters, faster.

Decision-making no longer requires days of back-and-forth between the office and jobsite. Raken provides office personnel with real-time insights directly from the field, enabling teams to swiftly address potential issues, prevent disputes, and produce more profitable projects.  

Sensera: Remote construction site monitoring and insights

Sensera Systems enables a connected jobsite via cloud-based remote site monitoring, insights, and smart security. Sensera provides a comprehensive line of solar-powered site cameras, smart security systems, drone photography services, mobile apps, project management/BIM integration, and more.

The company developed a technology breakthrough in remote camera system design, resulting in power consumption that’s 1/10th to 1/20th of traditional remote camera systems, significantly reducing cost compared to traditional designs.

Sensera’s advanced portfolio of solutions is powered by Sensera’s SiteCloud platform. SiteCloud is a turn-key cloud hosted application supporting both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity and provides secure storage and backup of project data, live public URL capability, video streaming relay, and time-lapse video generation.

Sensera today is integrated with Lab partner Reconstruct, a virtual progress reporting technology provider. Images from Sensera cameras automatically update the 3D point cloud which links to an Oracle Primavera Cloud Scheduling solution, providing automated visual comparison of planned and actual progress.

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Corie Cheeseman

Corie Cheeseman is a senior content marketing manager for Oracle Construction and Engineering.

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