Oracle Aconex integration with Microsoft Office 365 enhances construction document management

August 15, 2019 | 3 minute read
Gordon Marx
Product Marketing Director
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Managing and editing Microsoft Office documents with Oracle Aconex just became easier.

We’re excited to announce Microsoft Office 365 integration with Oracle Aconex, the only construction project collaboration software providing a true common data environment (CDE).

Simplify how you view, edit files, and collaborate in real-time. Oracle Aconex offers an easy-to-use solution for users that collaborate and share Microsoft Office files with a wider project team from within the Oracle Aconex CDE.

The solution

Easily and quickly manage Microsoft Office files—including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.—in real time, directly from the Oracle Aconex document register without downloading the files. Users can also edit Microsoft Office files in Oracle Aconex by using their Office 365 subscription credentials.

Once editing is completed, users can supersede the document with their edits directly in the document register or continue editing over multiple sessions.

What’s more, multiple users can now collaborate in real time to co-author a Microsoft Office file and instantly save their changes in the draft. The new Microsoft Office integration supports a seamless user experience and information flow and is available today to all Oracle Aconex customers.

The integration enables a robust and streamlined document workflow that saves considerable time for the entire project team, while also improving the quality and accuracy of documentation.


  • Improved speed and productivity: Users can edit and supersede documents in real time without downloading and reuploading the files, significantly reducing the number of manual editing steps.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Multiple users can quickly and easily access and update files simultaneously, preventing the creation of multiple files that must be merged. All Oracle Aconex users can participate.
  • Fewer errors: Eliminate mistakes caused by users downloading and uploading numerous files or editing incorrect versions.  Everyone has access to the latest information with improved version control and data integrity.
  • A single source of truth: A neutral and secure CDE with seamless integration to the project ecosystem ensures a single source of truth and unalterable audit trail.

Take control and eliminate the issues often associated with managing Microsoft Office documents across large project groups. These time-consuming tasks include merging multiple files to capture all edits, problematic version control, and wasted time downloading, editing, and uploading files.

The Microsoft Office 365 integration removes the friction when working with Office files within Oracle Aconex, increasing data integrity and maximizing overall project productivity and quality.

Only Oracle Aconex offers a neutral and secure true common data environment to enable robust collaboration. Oracle Aconex-Microsoft Office 365 integration helps users of both products increase productivity and project quality while reducing costly errors.

Learn more about how Oracle Aconex can help you power project success today and tomorrow.

Explore how you can deliver project success with Oracle Construction and Engineering.

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Gordon Marx

Product Marketing Director

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