ODI - OnDemand Load Plan - what is it?

March 2, 2020 | 1 minute read
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With the Real Time Load Plans there are Project, Global, and OnDemand.    We have described the Project and Global Load Plans in previous blogs. 

What is the On Demand one and what does it do?

On Demand load plan is listening for projects based on the Enable Publication flag.  If the publication flag is set it triggers On Demand to run for this project and add it as part of the data warehouse.  This process likely won't run very often except for when new projects are added.   

In a standard implementation during setup Initial Load is run,  this will bring over all the projects in the system at that time.  From there the Daily ETL process will incrementally get the updates for those projects.  By default, the filter for which projects make it into the data warehouse is the Enable Publication Flag.  If a project has this flag disabled it does not come into the data warehouse.  If the project has the flag enabled and is published it will be in the data warehouse.  If one of these projects that has made it into the data warehouse then has this flag disabled then the project would be removed from the data warehouse. It is important to monitor this flag as it is the main control for project and project related data for P6. If OnDemand is not running and a project is set to publication the Daily ETL will pick up the project however lower level activities will need to be changed for those incremental updates to make it over otherwise those lower level activity data could be missed.  


Jeff Mcdaniel

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