Middle East Industry Leaders Win 2019 Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Awards

January 8, 2020 | 5 minute read
Janet Poses
Product Marketing Director
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Qatar has a promising future ahead. The country is expected to be among the fastest growing global construction markets from 2019-2024.*

The Qatari government is working to meet its significant infrastructure requirements by adopting best practices in process, organizational structure, and technology.

The main trends in the Qatari construction sector include developing Qatar’s transport infrastructure, creating a modern residential and hospitality environment to support the predicted population increase, and creating a range of world-class sporting venues. Leading owners, developers, contractors, and agencies are pursuing these goals and achieving award winning results.

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has implemented the Doha South Sewage Infrastructure Programme (DSSIP), previously known as IDRIS, which will deliver a new sewage infrastructure to serve areas in the south of Doha. This programme aligns with Ashghal’s commitment to provide sustainable infrastructure with reduced environmental impacts and decreased costs for operation and maintenance of the sewer system.

Implementing a challenging and complex programme required standardized processes, project planning, and information management systems to drive timeliness, accuracy, and availability of detailed information for decision-making.

Digital engineering is a primary strategy for process efficiency, resource utilization, record management, and enhanced collaboration for successful program delivery according to Jacobs, the program management consultant for the program. Ashghal and Jacobs decided to rely on proven industry software from vendors such as Oracle.

Public Works Authority Qatar ‘Ashghal’ received the Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Award for Enterprise-Wide Standardization in Public Infrastructure for their implementation on Oracle Aconex and Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management.

Ashghal’s award winning achievements on DSSIP using Oracle Aconex include:

•   Inspections have an increased pass rate of about 90 percent due to more timely information using Oracle Aconex workflows
•    The review and approval process for contractors' submittals improved by 85 percent across 80-100 workflows per day
•    Saved over 3,000 hours per month through online collaboration and sharing of documents
•   Increased overall document management efficiency by 35 percent and saved more than three full-time document control staff
•   Improved logging, tracking, and manually dispatching inspection documents by 75 percent

Public infrastructure projects aren’t the only projects that require advanced planning, process management, and technology.

Qatari Diar is a global leader in sustainable real estate developments. The organization needed an easy-to-use, industry-standard collaboration tool for onboarding AEC professionals and chose Oracle Aconex.

Qatari Diar manages review cycles using pre-configured workflows leveraging Oracle Aconex Workflows and Mail to meet their contractual needs. This saved the organization considerable resources by confirming that all authorized project parties are accessing the latest version in addition to a thorough audit trail.

Qatari Diar received the 2019 Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Award for Enterprise-Wide Standardization in Residential and Commercial.

Qatari Diar select award winning achievements include:

•    40 percent improvement in submittal cycle time

•    70 percent improvement in project tendering process by using Oracle Aconex Tenders

•    Saved considerable resources by ensuring all authorized project parties are accessing the full track of correspondence


“We have decreased the risk of confidential information routed to the wrong person or someone who hasn’t yet signed their confidentiality agreement. Qatari Diar regards the trackability, security, and accessibility as the real value in using Oracle Aconex.”

-Ibrahim Orabi Head, Project Management System, Qatari Diar


Using innovative processes and tools are essential to meet the stringent demands of Qatar’s growing infrastructure, as well as commercial and residential development.

HBK Contracting is recognized as one of the leading construction firms operating in the State of Qatar. HBK is involved in construction and maintenance of contracting services for public/industrial buildings, hospitals, high rise towers, transmission, pumping stations, roads, bridges, infrastructure projects, and general civil engineering works in the State of Qatar.

The organization needed to control data and monitor the exchange of information on a complex and iconic high-rise hotel with many stakeholders and numerous documents. HBK can now review and export the status of documents within their organization as well as between subcontractors, consultants, and clients.

HBK has configured more than 150 various workflows involving several parties with a wide variety of documents and improved visibility across the project as well as throughout the project history. The organization understands that the vast amount of data produced on today’s projects can either be a huge asset or a liability, and they’ve chosen the former.

HBK Contracting were awarded the 2019 Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Award for Data Driven insights in Public Infrastructure for their implementation of Oracle Aconex.

HBK select award winning achievements include:

•    Increased visibility into delays and ability to re-allocate resources before a three-year project with over 200,000 documents was impacted
•    Saved six days per document review by implementing a parallel review strategy
•    Decreased the time to track and update the status of any document, from one half day to one minute. It takes only five to ten minutes to report out, collectively saving five to six hours per day
•    Coordination between subcontractors is 60 percent faster, decreasing from at least one week in the past to about two days on average
•    Weekly reporting efficiency has increased from two to three hours a day to two hours per week


“We are lucky to have Oracle Aconex.”

-Khaled Kamal, ASQ-CMQ/OE Senior Project QA/QC Manager, HBK Contracting


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* https://www.mordorintelligence.com/industry-reports/qatar-construction-market

Janet Poses

Product Marketing Director

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