Lima Airport Partners Powers Robust Construction Project Collaboration with Oracle's Primavera Unifier and Aconex

July 31, 2019 | 3 minute read
Janet Poses
Product Marketing Director
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What best practices go into tackling the largest current construction project in Peru?

Lima Airport Partners (LAP) is 18 years into a 40-year concession for the International Airport Jorge Chavez (Jorge Chavez) in Lima, Peru. The expanded airport will include a second runway—more than doubling the space-- from 80,000 meters to 300,000 meters.

The airport anticipates will more than double their existing passenger capacity from 20 million to 50 million passengers each year.

Moving to the future: Increasing collaboration and communication

The Jorge Chavez Airport team acknowledges Peru’s proud Incan heritage in their work, including engineering. The airport team is investigating newer collaborative contracting models and open plan offices that will house all project team members and is using open collaborative technology for the whole team, regardless of their organization.

These strategies are improving project delivery and are also rising in popularity in Canada and the US.

LAP’s understanding of the value of communication, which the Incas so competently implemented across their civilization to maintain peace and policy, seems to be part of the regional DNA. And, just as all Incans participated in the advancement of their civilization, the contracting style for the International Airport Jorge Chavez is cooperative.

The owner ensures contractors’ profit and incentives are shared across all parties. If the project succeeds, the individual organizations succeed.

LAP chose to implement technology that supports their collaborative environment and goals. They’ve implemented primarily cloud-based collaborative systems, like Oracle Aconex and Oracle’s Primavera Unifier, to bring the wider team together and integrate with other project and enterprise systems.


"Technology is aligned with the modern, efficient facility we're building."

Armando Sanchez, Project Manager, Project Controls and IT, Lima Airport Partners


The “Best Airport in South America”: Increasing commerce in Peru

The International Airport Jorge Chavez expansion received the “Best Airport in South America” award from SKYTRACKS World Airport Awards 2019. The airport expansion /rebuild is expected to propel Jorge Chavez into becoming a major Latin American hub.

This project is significant to Peru as a country overall. In addition to value of the airport expansion itself, Jorge Chavez is near the largest port in Peru, strengthening the link between water and air transportation. The airport project can also significantly improve mounting road traffic problems in Lima by building a connection between Lima Metro and Jorge Javez airport.

LAP shares their technology selection best practices

  1. Bring in the right expertise, including team members and consultants.
  2. Learn from others by consulting with other similar projects around the world.
  3. Take a broad view by assessing your needs across the project and the asset’s life.
  4. Look to the future by matching capabilities and growth potential with long-term needs.


"Oracle's Primavera Unifier and Oracle Aconex are our gifts and legacy to support the ongoing operations of the airport."

Armando Sanchez, Project Manager, Project Controls and IT, Lima Airport Partners


What benefits did Lima Airport Partners see by implementing modern collaborative software?

  1. Consistency: Project-wide systems enables consistency across all processes and formats.
  2. Traceability: Easy access to all decisions and documents.
  3. Accuracy: The entire team accessing and using the most up to date versions.
  4. Visibility: View into project progress and potential issues.
  5. Collaboration: Cross-organization systems to facilitate cooperation.
  6. Single source of truth: A complete, central project record.


"We feel we have the best of two of the biggest worldwide systems."

Armando Sanchez, Project Manager, Project Controls and IT, Lima Airport Partners



Armando Sanchez’ key takeaway

Ensure all aspects of your project—including your team, environment, contracts, and technology—support your overall goals. LAP is building on their Incan heritage, from architecture to project management, to deliver one of the most significant projects in Latin America.

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Janet Poses

Product Marketing Director

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