Insitu Speeds Review Cycles by 45% with Oracle Aconex

June 10, 2019 | 3 minute read
Janet Poses
Product Marketing Director
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2018 Oracle Aconex Connect Award winner Insitu Group is a young construction company in Australia with big dreams. Insitu operates on a much larger scale than their current headcount, specializing in retail, commercial, and residential construction,

Insitu founders understand the value of process optimization, standardization, and implementing the right technology to manage those processes from the beginning.

Information and process management

Brooke Smith, general manager of Insitu, said they chose to implement Oracle Aconex primarily because it’s an agile web-based platform. Insitu employees can scale up or down using Oracle Aconex to meet their various clients’ needs.


“We find Oracle Aconex very efficient. It works across all our projects and it’s something that I’ve also rolled out in a larger organization. It also works very well for our business.”

Brooke Smith, General Manager, Insitu


The web-based training is just one of the advantages to implementing Oracle Aconex, according to Smith, because it’s easy to roll out the training to the business and new employees.

“Users from all organizations can watch the webinars and get their head around how to use the program, which is a fantastic," Smith says. Users can also do the training in their own time, on site, or wherever they are.

Dispute resolution

Insitu resolved disputes an average of 75% faster than before using Oracle Aconex for correspondence management. There are no disagreements over which is the latest email or the most recent version of documents.

In addition, no time is wasted searching through inboxes or drives. It’s all captured within the one central program and is easily accessible.

Review cycles for items such as shop drawings and RFIs are about 45% faster than before.

“Now it’s just the time that it takes the consultants to get back to us, because the system prompts people to respond by a particular date. That’s been great for us,” says Smith.

QA/QC processes

Insitu has also implemented the Oracle Aconex Field mobile solution to manage their QA/QC processes. “We’ve found that we can close out defects across our projects about 80% faster by using Oracle Aconex.”

What do these time savings mean? Clients are finishing projects within their timeline and with the quality they expect.

Faster bidding/tendering

Insitu has also found that bidding/tendering happens much faster and more easily with Oracle Aconex. Insitu can efficiently target a greater number of bidders/tenderers versus sending information through email or generic file sharing sites, thanks to these time savings.

That translates into getting the most competitive bids for their clients.


“We can track who we’ve sent the projects to for bidding/tendering. It happens much faster and more efficiently because it’s out in the market in just one click.”

Brooke Smith, General Manager, Insitu


A valuable investment

Insitu generally competes against businesses that don’t have systems like Oracle Aconex. According to Smith, Oracle Aconex is generally considered a Tier 1 system, meaning this kind of solution is typically implemented by larger organizations.

However, Smith and her colleagues understood the value and easily justified the investment for Insitu.

Hear from Brooke Smith on how Insitu has incorporated Oracle Aconex into the fabric of their organization.

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Product Marketing Director

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