How construction technology helps UK firms improve project outcomes

February 25, 2020 | 4 minute read
Janet Poses
Product Marketing Director
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In May 2011, the UK government published "The Government Construction Strategy" aimed at reducing the cost of public sector assets by up to 20 percent by 2016. The government requires construction suppliers tendering for centrally-procured government projects to be working at BIM Level 2.

The UK government also requires fully collaborative 3D BIM, with fully electronic project and asset information, documentation and data as a minimum. The benefits include: reduced capital expenditure, risk and carbon footprint, and improved planning predictability.

Construction 2025

In July 2013, the UK government published 'Construction 2025', "a joint strategy which sets out how industry and government will collaborate to put Britain at the forefront of global construction over the coming years.*

The existence of these government-enforced requirements and goals, such as 33 percent cost reduction, 50 percent faster project delivery, and 50 percent lower emissions, demonstrates the commitment of the UK government and the construction industry.

To meet these goals, organizations are relying on the increasingly mature and proven industry specific technology available today. Recently, four UK-based companies accepted their Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Awards for the compelling results they achieved through technology implementation.

Bombardier Transportation

Bombardier Transportation embraces their name in more ways than one. Transportation embodies movement, progress, and the opposite of staying still. This momentum applies to Bombardier’s solutions—ranging from trains to complete rail transportation systems—as well as how they efficiently run their business. The transportation organization is constantly growing and improving.

Bombardier’s planning process is an example of the company’s forward-thinking vision in action, which earned them the 2019 Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Award for Enterprise-wide Standardization in Public Infrastructure.

With 60 production and engineering sites across 27 countries, and about 40,000 employees serving clients across 60 countries, Bombardier realized the importance of having one consistent, centralized planning methodology and system.

After evaluating multiple systems, Bombardier standardized on Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management. Their recipe for success: executive leadership + change management + implementation = success.

Bombardier’s award-winning achievements:

  • Four tasks that took up to 15 minutes were condensed to one task taking under five minutes
  • Time spent on time sheets was cut in half
  • Consistent coding for capacity planning improved Bombardier’s ability to track and ensure resource availability, leading to better planning
  • Employees can move seamlessly between projects without creating inconsistencies in the system

Five tips from Bombardier to make your software implementation a success:

1.    Obtain management support at the highest level
2.    Create a central organization to support system selection, implementation, and improvement
3.    Use open systems to best utilize data and to interface with other solutions
4.    Define corporate standards
5.    Set goals so that system achievements can be measured and reported


Multiplex is one of the largest global contractors. Multiplex Europe, winner of the 2019 Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Award for Enterprise-wide Standardization in Residential and Commercial, is benefiting from international standardization after implementing Oracle Aconex.

Multiplex has been delivering landmark property, commercial structures, and infrastructure assets for over 55 years. The organization’s culture of continuous improvement is key to their continued success. Multiplex is constantly looking to the future, improving and innovating.

By implementing Oracle Aconex across their European business, Multiplex has streamlined their review cycles, reducing the number of days on reviews by up to 70 percent while providing easier collaboration and effective communication between all parties.

Multiplex also revamped their audit process, saving on travel as well as significant time on reporting. The contracting company can now create the baseline of reports in just a few clicks.

Additionally, hardcopy archives have been drastically reduced due to digital storage of data. This saves Multiplex money, creates more accessible data, and helps the environment by reducing paper and printing.

J. Murphy & Sons Limited

J. Murphy & Sons Limited, 2019 Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Award winner for Solutions Implementation in Public Infrastructure, is a leading global specialist engineering and construction company based in the UK. The E&C company was looking to collaborate with a vendor on a significant technical and cultural journey.

J. Murphy wanted to adopt a new digital platform to help increase their efficiency in a swiftly digitizing construction industry. They were also looking for security and reliability, in addition to robust and scalable functionality and a simple user interface.

After a thorough evaluation process, J. Murphy adopted Oracle Aconex to meet their requirements and emulate their company values. J. Murphy has sped document review workflows by 65 percent and reduced field inspection time by 45 percent by using Oracle Aconex and Oracle Aconex Field.

United Living

United Living, UK based winner of the 2019 Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Award for Systems Integration in Residential and Commercial, were left with three legacy document management systems after a merger. They selected the Oracle Aconex suite of solutions to ensure consistent data and processes throughout the project lifecycle and across its portfolio.


“We have transitioned to a collaborative and conversational culture.”

-Greg Morley, CIO, United Living


United Living easily tied into their legacy systems to migrate their data to Oracle Aconex, an open system with preconfigured APIs. United Living also integrated Oracle Aconex with their Estimating software solution, providing ready access to the latest versions of project files for online tender pricing enquiries without leaving the Estimating application.

United Living has improved correspondence response time by 84 percent, from 16 days to four on average, and improved Transmittal response times by 68 percent, from 28 days to nine, using Oracle Aconex.

With five years ahead of us in the 2025 Construction initiative, we can’t wait to see what the UK construction industry achieves in the coming years.

Oracle Construction and Engineering, the global leader in construction management software and project portfolio management solutions, helps you connect your teams, processes, and data across the project and asset lifecycle. Drive efficiency and control in project delivery with proven solutions for project controls, construction scheduling, portfolio management, BIM/CDE, construction payment management, and more.

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