Energy companies taking big steps to adopt sustainable practices to fight climate change

February 27, 2023 | 3 minute read
Sarah Roper
Product Marketing Writer
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In recent decades, most regions have endured some type of extreme weather event as a result of climate change.

Coastal floodings, severe droughts, and devasting winter storms continue to take a toll on infrastructure and global economies. These tumultuous and unpredictable weather patterns combined with government mandates and public demand have become forcing functions for the energy sector to rethink sustainability and to implement sustainability solutions.

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Government entities, nonprofit organizations, and companies in both oil and gas and energy are already making strides to address climate change with actionable steps to limit global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, the Paris Agreement—adopted by 196 parties at COP 21 in Paris in 2015—is a legally binding international treaty with the sole goal to combat climate change and achieve a climate neutral world by mid-century.

Although some climate change initiatives may seem like daunting endeavors that will take years to fulfill, there are steps that companies—particularly in the oil and gas sector—can take now to turn sustainability strategies into actions.

A new ebook available for download titled, “How sustainable solutions save the planet by infusing new power into the energy industry,” outlines key examples of sustainability solutions oil and gas companies can implement to help elevate their sustainability goals.

The ebook discusses how oil and gas companies can reduce waste and make operations more sustainable by introducing technologies such as analytics, robotics, and drone technologies to reduce bottlenecks, cut waste, and help to limit onsite accidents. Other technologies like artificial intelligence platforms can predict safety risk by analyzing a variety of data including photos, field activities, weather, and more.

To take sustainability initiatives further, the ebook breaks down how oil and gas companies can look to Oracle solutions under the Oracle Smart Construction Platform to transform sustainability practices.

Oracle embraces sustainability with industry lab in UK

To take part in combatting climate change on a larger scale, Oracle is helping foster new ideas that address big challenges surrounding sustainability. The Oracle Industry Lab in Reading, UK, opened its doors in 2022 and showcases sustainable practices among several industries—hospitality, food and beverage, transportation, engineering and construction, communications, and energy and water.

“We’re building an environment that brings together multiple industries so we can test and create approaches to address sustainability.”

—Burcin Kaplanoglu, Vice President, Oracle Industry Lab

Moving toward more sustainable practices can’t wait. With the right solutions, companies can continue to achieve their sustainability goals and work toward a greener future. Ready to learn more about how Oracle can help you meet your sustainability goals? Get started today and download our ebook here.

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Sarah Roper

Product Marketing Writer

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