Dura Vermeer implements Oracle Primavera Cloud to improve project controls in Dutch infrastructure projects

July 13, 2022 | 6 minute read
Rick Bell
Senior Content Marketing Manager
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Construction projects continue to grow more unique and complicated as risk associated with those projects also increases.

Just ask Dura Vermeer.

With the Netherlands being below sea level and climate change an ever-pressing concern, Dutch-based Dura Vermeer often is literally working underwater on crucial infrastructure projects including tunnels, bridges, and most recently dike-reinforcement projects. Much of their infrastructure work is rehabilitating post-World War II construction—meaning it’s nearly 80 years old and in desperate need of renovation.

A recent Dura Vermeer water-barrier project provided a litmus test for their work. As much of Western Europe was devastated in 2021 by record flooding, a Dura Vermeer project in the south of the Netherlands withstood the torrential rains and kept the region safe.  

Such vital life-saving work reveals the unpredictable difficulties that construction companies like Dura Vermeer face today. With the growing complexity of construction projects, volatile supply chain issues, and an industrywide talent shortage it’s no surprise that improving performance on the jobsite and in the office presents companies with immense challenges. Continuous, transparent collaboration and pinpoint scheduling are imperative.

Automate project management processes

Solutions to these challenges exist.

Companies with the vision to automate their outdated project management processes ultimately will maintain a competitive edge by bringing together owners and contractors to accelerate performance across the project lifecycle.

A recent webcast now available to watch on demand highlights the importance of establishing a digital connection. “Why Dura Vermeer Uses Oracle Primavera Cloud to Facilitate Projects in Control” offers a compelling use-case discussion with two highly experienced project controls specialists from the family-owned construction company founded in 1855.

road construction crew Holland
A Dura Vermeer asphalt crew represents the company's teamwork and collaboration.

With 2,700 employees and over 1.6 billion Euro in earnings, Dura Vermeer develops and delivers large infrastructure projects in market segments such as mobility, water safety, and clean energy.

They shared why Oracle Primavera Cloud was selected as a key tool to bolster project management for their infrastructure projects and discussed their journey through the solution’s seamless implementation and the value they’ve attained so far.

Philippe Vlietinck, senior account executive, Benelux, Oracle Construction and Engineering Global Business Unit, hosts the thought-provoking panel discussion. Vlietinck is joined on the panel by Dura Vermeer’s Iman Karimi, project controls manager, and Vincent Laging, manager-Project Controls Department, along with webcast co-host Paul Vogels, managing director at Primaned, the implementation partner for Oracle.

Primaned—the name blends Primavera and its Netherlands headquarters—implemented Oracle Primavera Cloud for Dura Vermeer. The company’s Primaned Academy provides learning and development on network technologies, theories, and methodologies for unparalleled software implementation.

Primaned was training Dura Vermeer staff on premise as the webcast took place. A broad support services team is laser-focused on providing insight into actionable data that delivers value to all stakeholders, including project managers and project executives.

“Within this theoretical knowledge, we help our customers on processes, on tooling, on knowledge at the end,” Paul Vogels says. “We are excited to have Dura Vermeer onboard.”

Finding a Lean solution during COVID

Because they tackle small projects as well as multiyear ventures and constantly interact with many customers, general contractors, and subcontractors, Dura Vermeer needed a scalable and collaborative solution.

“We saw a lot of our inefficiency in time-related costs, which speaks to proper planning and scheduling,” Vincent Laging says.

Vincent Laging also discussed the value his company saw as it implemented Oracle Primavera Cloud Service. The solution’s Lean module was particularly valuable to enhance communications during COVID when employees were forced to work off-site.

“We are the first construction company (in the Netherlands) to use Oracle Primavera Cloud. I'm very proud that we were willing to take that risk. I strongly believe in Oracle Primavera Cloud and happy that we made that choice.”

—Vincent Laging, manager-Project Controls Department, Dura Vermeer

“It really speaks about the benefits that the software brought us as a company,” Vincent Laging says. “It also speaks to having a solid base in planning and scheduling, which is where Oracle Primavera Cloud excels.”

With so much on the line, Dura Vermeer realized it needed to make its project management processes fast and efficient. They also saw a competitive advantage to being a digital pioneer in construction.

“I'm happy to say that we are the first construction company (in the Netherlands) that learned to use Oracle Primavera Cloud,” Vincent Laging says. “I'm very proud that we were willing to take that risk. I strongly believe in Oracle Primavera Cloud and happy that we made that choice.”

Ease of use for all

Iman Karimi notes that you typically need to be an experienced planner to find your way with most construction technology solutions. But Oracle Primavera Cloud was a seamless integration, and his team has found it easy to use.

Dura Vermeer’s customers are not only external; colleagues also are regarded as customers and “if you don’t have happy customers, it will be really tough” to implement new processes, adds Vincent Laging.

“By making things simpler for your audience, it will also be used more,” Iman Karimi says. “It is the cloud system. I find it's really easy to use, and that is what encourages people to be committed to the planning process and use the planning more.”

A quick, responsive solution

Vincent Laging shared an anecdote highlighting Oracle Primavera Cloud’s ease of use and how users can quickly react to any situation. He was working on a tender during the pilot phase. Just before midnight, with last-minute changes in scope and planning completed, he needed to run a new risk analysis before submitting the final proposal the next morning.

“I was ready for bed, and I was in the bathroom with my toothbrush in my hand,” he says. “I grabbed my iPad, logged into Oracle Primavera Cloud, changed the schedule, ran the analysis, and it was completed while I was brushing my teeth. I had new results that I was able to share, and we delivered the new plan on time for submission.”

And, Paul Vogels adds with a laugh, “As my dentist says, this will only take two minutes!”

What’s ahead

Paul Vogels also adds that the integrated solution “gives you complete insight from anywhere, one way of working, and one single source of truth. Oracle Primavera Cloud is a very strong solution.”

For Dura Vermeer, they are at the beginning of their journey. “We have started the pilot and are planning to go live some time in September,” says Iman Karimi.

Watch Dura Vermeer executives Vincent Laging and Iman Karimi explain how Oracle Primavera Cloud is helping their company solve the infrastructure challenges faced by the Netherlands in this on-demand webcast.

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Rick Bell

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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