DMCI Homes builds a better future for Filipino homebuyers through construction project technology

April 19, 2022 | 5 minute read
Rick Bell
Senior Content Marketing Manager
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As a top builder of residential properties throughout the Philippines, DMCI Homes believes that skill, passion, and dedication lead to quality homebuilding and enriches community development.

DMCI Homes’ comprehensive digital transformation through innovative construction technology has proved to be a game changer in the Philippine real estate market.

From pioneering designs for high-rise structures allowing ambient light and fresh air to permeate the building and all units through its proprietary Lumiventt® Design Technology, DMCI Homes also utilizes Building Information Modeling (BIM) to enhance aesthetics, quality, and cost efficiency.

It’s among the many reasons that DMCI Homes’ numerous award-winning projects are recognized by organizations both inside and outside of the Philippines.

Expanding construction project management technology

As DMCI Homes’ blazed a steady growth path in recent years across the Philippines, outdated manual operational procedures hindered its goals for a complete digital transformation.

For an organization so deeply committed to technology on the jobsite, it was clear that advancements in construction project management operations were important, as well.

Simple spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations may have been adequate five to 10 years ago.

But DMCI Homes today is managing vast resources across multiple multimillion-dollar projects and a thriving, growing workforce of over 1,700 employees. Outdated tools and manual processes weren’t measuring up anymore.

Like many organizations, DMCI Homes simply outgrew what its current Microsoft Project planning and scheduling system could offer.

Looking to standardize their operations across all projects, Oracle Primavera Cloud Service was a clear and safe platform to meet their requirements, offering enterprise visibility into manpower, equipment, and material resources where DMCI Homes can reduce and manage risk, standardize reports, and monitor progress and cost performance.

Find an automated construction management solution

In early 2021 DMCI Homes determined they needed a powerful solution to satisfy organizational needs, maximize and optimize resources, track progress and cost to monitor performance. A cloud-based system was imperative with real-time dashboards to build collaboration.

DMCI Homes determined its requirements based on digitization goals and conducted a comparison between all available project management software.

They chose Oracle Primavera Cloud Service in July 2021 to accelerate an effective, streamlined collaborative environment in a cloud-based environment.

“Before, everything was manual; we even needed PowerPoint to show the status of a project,” recalls Jayson Garcia, DMCI Homes’ master scheduler.

“The most beautiful features of Oracle Primavera Cloud Service are the centralized, immediate updating of a project, and how quickly we can provide management with the right information. It's so collaborative. We can update or see the project being updated by each member in real time.”

Rapid implementation and enduring support

Ma Guen Guemo, sales and marketing director for ProjectPro Inc., was involved in the Oracle Primavera Cloud Service’s implementation and onboarding.

She says that DMCI Homes wanted a project management tool to monitor performance of multiple projects on a daily basis with real-time updates from the project site through management dashboards and strong collaboration within the project delivery team.

“We learned about DMCI Homes’ pain points and offered Oracle Primavera Cloud Service,” she says.

The ProjectPro team quickly implemented Oracle Primavera Cloud Service in a remarkable 17 days, including administration and user training. And her team currently provides DMCI Homes with comprehensive support.

Reaping the benefits of Oracle Primavera Cloud Service

Even with the recent implementation, benefits are already evident.

Comprehensive schedule development was previously a three-week process, says Benneth Cancino, DMCI Homes head of BIM. That already has been cut to about 10 days.

They now can analyze and identify potential bottlenecks and quickly find solutions for improved performance through Oracle Primavera Cloud Service. The solution’s ability to capture construction project progress allows Cancino and her team to deliver reports to top management with pinpoint accuracy.

“It’s benefited our construction as well as our design team,” she says. “Oracle Primavera Cloud Service also helps our project management team easily analyze and compare project performance and status. We’ve also greatly benefited with the ability to identify critical areas that may lead to possible losses and mitigate it.”

BIM and Oracle Primavera Cloud Service

The collaborative nature of Oracle Primavera Cloud Service also extends to other technologies DMCI Homes has in place.

As head of BIM, Cancino is excited to explore all the opportunities for real-time integration between Oracle Primavera Cloud Service and building information modeling. Currently she has a 4D model where they are able to visualize the project schedule.

“When we initially ran our schedule with the 4D, we saw that there was a big problem in terms of the sequence,” Cancino says. “We saw which activities were out of sequence, so we were able to correct that in our Oracle Primavera Cloud Service now. So generally our schedule, all those linkages, dependencies, have been improved because we were able to integrate it with our 4D BIM.”

Collaboration and transparency

In today's world of digital transformation, Oracle Primavera Cloud Service provides the leading platform to collaborate effectively in the cloud. Collaboration with each team member happens no matter their location and everyone has access to information in real time.

Marlo Bumatay, DMCI Homes operations center head, offered an example how Oracle Primavera Cloud Service has improved efficiencies and productivity.

If DMCI Homes has 20 projects, and if management asks, "Give me the dashboard of those 20 projects," they can easily click and produce in seconds—unlike their former standalone solution, where they spent countless hours summing up each program individually to collect the information.

“In Oracle Primavera Cloud Service, with one click you can produce it right away on the dashboard,” Bumatay says. The easy-to-understand dashboard streamlines data collection from different programs, associates, or paperwork by simply creating and generating real-time reports.

Cancino adds that Oracle Primavera Cloud Service provides DMCI Homes with a reliable, secure project management tool that’s rich in detail.

“It’s a valuable tool for us to manage our projects from design to construction where we synchronize and coordinate our schedule in real time,” she says.

“Oracle Primavera Cloud Service provides invaluable insight into a project’s performance. We’ll know if we’re falling behind schedule or going over budget before it’s too late. We can mitigate the risk early on and improve our operational efficiencies.”

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Rick Bell

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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