Constru partners with Oracle Primavera Cloud to streamline construction scheduling

July 7, 2022 | 3 minute read
Rick Bell
Senior Content Marketing Manager
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Constru, which provides breakthrough computer vision technology to digitize the construction process and deliver actionable insights, announced its integration with Oracle Primavera Cloud, the industry-leading solution for project management planning, scheduling, resource, and risk.

The integration drives efficiency and streamlines construction project management using AI as Constru tracks a job’s schedule and its progress on the go, identifying discrepancies sooner and resolving issues faster.

“We’re extremely excited about the integration with Oracle Primavera Cloud Service,” says Michael Sasson, CEO of Constru. “Once a building is out of the ground, we can put in the cameras and turn 360 images into quantifiable data needed for effective scheduling that currently doesn’t exist within jobsite monitoring. This additional data takes project management to the next level as we combine the two tools.”

Flagging inefficiencies and removing obstacles early on prevents schedule delays from happening in the first place. Constru’s computer vision technology eliminates menial, time-consuming tasks by virtually walking a jobsite for instant site inspections. It takes 360-degree images of 250 separate project elements to easily identify where every subcontractor is in the building while pinpointing the percentage of an element’s completion.

The images are loaded into AI and compared against the BIM model, removing the need for costly re-work because deficiencies are caught ahead of time. It also will identify reasons a subcontractor may be falling behind.

“Oracle is absolutely the gold standard in construction scheduling. Everybody is reliant on it and trusts it.”

—Jessica Herrala, Chief Revenue Officer, Constru

Site measurements are made from one week to the next, generating information about a project’s progress. The construction project team immediately sees past and current roadblocks, understands how to prevent them from happening again, and what’s on the horizon.

Constru’s methodology comes from deep industry knowledge to solve the industry’s pain points and make the construction process happier, easier, and more profitable for everybody.

“Oracle Primavera Cloud is a clear and safe platform to meet all scheduling needs, offering enterprise visibility into manpower, equipment, and material resources, as well as reducing and managing risk, standardizing reports, and monitoring construction project progress and cost performance,” says Frank Malangone, executive director, Industry Strategy and Innovation, Oracle Construction and Engineering. “Our partnership and integration with Constru are an exciting leap forward in the industry, enabling us to further digitize and automate the scheduling process and providing even more value to Oracle Primavera Cloud Service users around the globe.”          

How the Constru-Oracle Primavera Cloud integration drives scheduling

Combined, the construction team, schedule owner, and subcontractors spend upward of 30 hours a month verifying, reporting, and manually updating the schedule regarding progress, often ending up with approximated and even incomplete information about progress actuals.          

By integrating with Oracle Primavera Cloud, Constru delivers efficiency, automation, and a single source of truth about the status and completion of schedule activities, improving short-term and long-term planning and optimization—to both the look-ahead and master schedule.    

“Oracle is absolutely the gold standard in construction scheduling. Everybody is reliant on it and trusts it,” says Jessica Herrala, chief revenue officer at Constru. “Scheduling will always exist, and there will always be a human element involved with it. But if our data and using our AI can help streamline the process, make it more efficient and more accurate, that's a win-win for everybody.”

The Constru-Oracle integration allows project teams to create schedules with confidence by averting issues before they happen. To learn more, connect to the Constru posting on the Oracle Construction and Engineering marketplace.

Oracle Construction and Engineering, the global leader in construction management software and project portfolio management solutions, helps you connect your teams, processes, and data across the project and asset lifecycle. Drive efficiency and control in project delivery with proven solutions for project controls, construction scheduling, portfolio management, BIM/CDE, construction payment management, and more.

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Rick Bell

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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