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November 29, 2018 | 1 minute read
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It has been brought to our attention recently that the default Time Distributed Interval setting for all projects in the P6 sample data has been reset to Weekly levels. While having this setting at Weekly is good for overall ETL data processing, it causes Burn Down projects and the Burn Down analysis to produce incorrect/inaccurate results, due to the fact that Burn Down projects require that Time Distributed Interval in P6 be set to Daily.

To set the Time Distributed Interval, login to P6 EPPM, Select the Administration tab, then choose the Services option in the left hand navigation menu.

On the Services page, change the setting for Time Distributed Interval to Daily.

(CAUTION: Changing this setting will impact the volume of data and potentially the time it takes to run an ETL process. It is recommended that testing be done on this setting change in a QA or Sandbox environment prior to making this change in a production environment.)

Finally, a few years ago i wrote a blog detailing the scenarios that make up Burn Down. If anyone would like a refresher on these scenarios, they can be accessed here: https://blogs.oracle.com/p6analytics/updated-burn-down-whitepapers

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Shawn Lafferty

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