2018 Oracle Aconex Connect Award Winners

October 15, 2021 | 5 minute read
Janet Poses
Product Marketing Director
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Double Revenue, Halve Rework and Errors, and Reduce Scope Changes by 20%

Good news: We’re witnessing the highest technology adoption rate to-date thanks to swiftly maturing technology in the Construction and Engineering industry.

Created in 2016, Oracle’s Aconex Connect Awards honors global customers for their innovative approaches to efficiently delivering significant construction and infrastructure projects.

Be part of our 2019 Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Awards! Submit your entry to be recognized for your achievements.

I’m excited to share examples of the 2018 Oracle Aconex Connect Award winners’ achievements across five key themes:

  1. Advanced BIM Management: Project-wide model access and BIM collaboration leading to fewer scope changes, RFIs, errors, and rework.
  2. Systems integration: Maximizing technology benefits.
  3. Information management and reporting: Resulting in better decisions and less administrative time.
  4. Configurability: Enabling standardization across processes and projects.
  5. Process efficiency: Leading to company growth.

These fearless industry leaders are reaping the rewards of technology advancement. Their projects, organizations, and clients have benefited, too.

  1. Advanced BIM Management
  • Enprode expedited clash detection from 1-2 weeks to just one day on the Garri 3 and Port Sudan Power Plant Projects, helping to keep the project on schedule and avoid rework.
  • Pingat cut model distribution time by 75%. They also reduced RFIs and scope changes by 20%.
  • Turner & Townsend reduced model review cycle time on their BIM project.
  1. Systems Integration
  • Faith + Gould cut report creation by 99% and achieved 1.5x faster data analysis on project schedule performance for their client.
  • The Colorado High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HTPE) has 60% faster access to project documentation. They’re creating a full and accessible project record for a 30-year design, build, operate, and maintain contract.
  1. Information management and reporting
  • Austin Commercial reduced RFI and submittal administration time by 75% for a San Francisco Airport expansion project. They cut communication management time by 66% between themselves and their JV partner.
  • Besix-SsangYong JV processed 350% more QA/QC issues per month by moving from a manual to a cloud-based process on the Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences in Dubai. They reported 290% productivity increase in document control review cycles and 100% accuracy in Engineer’s Instructions register and content.
  • China Major Bridge Engineering Co. achieved 75% faster document compilation for handover and 60% faster monthly report preparation.
  • Aktor-Yapi-L&T-STFA-Al Jaber Engineering JV cut rework and errors in half and cut review cycle time by 50%.
  1. Configurability
  • Burns & McDonnell previously reduced RFI cycles using Aconex from 3.64 days to 2.35 days. They have standardized on Aconex across multiple projects to meet process and project specific needs. The result: decreased RFI cycle to just 1.6 days. 
  • Valley Metro saved 4,500 to 6,000 hours per project on submittal processing and 4-5 days per design review.
  1. Process efficiency
  • Lahey Constructions grew revenue by 100% in 18 months and improved overall operational efficiency.
  • Insitu improved QA sign-off and safety inspections by 80%. They expedited transmittal creation by 80% and review cycles by 43%.
  1. View the complete list of Global 2018 Oracle Aconex Connect Award winners below and click through to read their full stories.


  • Aguas Pacífico – Hero Award to Lilian Barrios for Excellence in Process Implementation on a Public Project.                                                                             
  • Austin Commercial – Project Award for Excellence in Project-Wide Collaboration on a Joint Venture (SFO Terminal 1 Boarding Area B Reconstruction).
  • Burns & McDonnell – Leadership Award to Patty Sullivan - 2018 Woman in Construction Technology.                                                                                                                   
  • Colorado High Performance Transportation Enterprise – Project Award for Excellence in Process Improvement on a P3 (Central 70).                                                    
  • Valley Metro – Enterprise Award for Excellence in Process Improvement to Support Company Growth and Hero Award to April Trevett for Excellence in Company-Wide Implementation and Adoption.


  • China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd—Project Award to GuangFo Expressway Foshan section S4 for Excellence in Process Efficiency Across the Project Lifecycle
  • China Harbour Engineering Company – Enterprise Award for Excellence in Collaboration Across Globally Distributed Teams
  • Insitu Group – Hero Award to Brooke Smith for Excellence in Company-Wide Implementation
  • Lahey Constructions—Enterprise Award for Excellence in Process Improvement Enabling Exponential Company Growth
  • New South Wales Department of Justice – Enterprise Award for Excellence in Progress Claims Management on a Government Project                                     
  • Richard Crookes Constructions Pty. Ltd. – Hero Award to Tyrone Padayachee for Excellence in Advanced BIM Implementation                                                    
  • Scentre Group – Hero Award to Meliza Batain for Excellence in Handover Management


  • CODAH – Project Award to Digital City and Normandy Management School for Excellence in Communication Acceleration Across the Project Team
  • Connect Plus –Project Award to M25 Motorway for Excellence in Secure Collaboration across a Government Project Consortium
  • DEME – Company Award for Company-Wide Adoption of a Standard Platform and Hero Award to Emma Josey for Excellence in Configuration Across Projects
  • Enprode – Hero Award to Deniz Asar for Excellence in Speeding Review Cycles Through Advanced BIM Implementation
  • Groupe NOX – Company Award for Excellence in Company-Wide Implementation and Adoption and Hero Award to Georgina Kobon-Monnet for Excellence in System Configuration to Meet Client Requirements
  • Horizon Nuclear Power—Project Award to Wylfa Newydd for Excellence in Regulatory Compliance and Safety and Security Adherence
  • Losange Deploiement – Project Award to THD Grand Est Project for Excellence in Complete System Adoption
  • Pingat XD – Project Award to Learning Center – Paris Saclay for Excellence in Implementation of a Common Data Environment (CDE) on a BIM Project
  • Turner & Townsend Company – Company Award for Excellence in Advanced BIM Implementation
  • Turner & Townsend Company - Hero Award for Excellence in Innovative Configuration Providing Financial Advantage to the Client
  • VINCI Construction Grands Projets – Project Award to Kingston Container Terminal Phase 1 for Excellence in Collaboration Across a Consortium

Middle East

  • AECOM GLOBAL – Hero Award to Estman Datu Mamadra for Excellence in Project Set Up
  • ALYSJ JV -Aktor- L&T- Yapi Merkezi- STFA- Al Jaber Project Award to Gold Line Metro – Qatar for Excellence in Collaboration on a Megaproject
  • Besix-SsangYong JV—Project Award to The Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences for Excellence in Project Quality and Hero Award to Erin O’Herlihy for Excellence in Innovation Configuration
  • Faithful + Gould—Company Award for Excellence in Cross Project Ecosystem Integration and Hero Award to Alejandro Lopez for Excellence in Implementation – Open Systems Integration
  • Manateq – Company Award for Excellence in Process Efficiency to Improve Schedule Adherence
  • National Authority for Tunnels – Company Award for Excellence in Technology Leadership by a Government Entity

Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Awards recognize industry leaders for their compelling achievements. Submit your entry today.

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Janet Poses

Product Marketing Director

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