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How Global Construction Leaders Maintain a Competitive Edge

Janet Poses
Sr. Marketing Manager

In today’s globalized economy, industry leaders demand solutions that support the global aspects of project delivery. Many of today’s leading construction companies operate in several countries across multiple continents and serve clients working in various languages. Contractors must take these needs into consideration when working towards the efficiencies of enterprise-wide standardization.

Multiplex: Streamlining for savings

Multiplex is one of the largest global contractors. Multiplex Europe, winner of the 2019 Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Award for Enterprise-wide Standardization in Residential and Commercial, is benefiting from international standardization after implementing Oracle Aconex.

Multiplex has been delivering landmark property, commercial structures, and infrastructure assets for over 55 years. The organization’s culture of continuous improvement is key to their continued success. Multiplex is constantly looking to the future, improving and innovating.

By implementing Oracle Aconex across their European business, Multiplex has streamlined their review cycles, reducing the number of days on reviews by up to 70 percent while providing easier collaboration and effective communication between all parties. They also revamped their audit process, saving on travel as well as significant time on reporting. Multiplex can now create the baseline of reports in just a few clicks.

Additionally, hardcopy archives have been drastically reduced due to digital storage of data. This saves Multiplex money, creates more accessible data, and helps the environment by reducing paper and printing.


‘’Using the review process, workflows and the online viewer have removed work duplication due to easy collaboration between all parties.’’

-Nisha Khetani, Head of Document Control, Multiplex Europe


Tractebel Engineering: Optimizing across the project lifecycle

Tractebel Engineering GmbH presents a project-specific example of a global solution’s benefits. Tractebel offers a wide range of engineering and consultancy services, including design and project management spanning the entire project life cycle. They are one of the world’s largest firms of consulting engineers with around 5,000 specialists in 33 countries.

Tractebel, winner of the 2019 Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Award for Solutions Implementation in Energy and Resources, is managing a major power project in the Middle East. With complex contracting and financing models, the company needed to ensure secure collaboration, easy access, and local, native language support for partners and team members in Germany, Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

In addition to the local support and languages, Tractebel wanted an easy-to-use, flexible system to support the entire project lifecycle, including 3D modeling and field activities.


“With the Oracle Aconex model viewer, it is easier to communicate the issue and easier to resolve it.”

-Yohan Fontanier, Consulting Project Manager, Tractebel Engineering Gmb


Tractebel got all organizations on the project up and running within two weeks after implementing Oracle Aconex. They achieved a 60 percent time savings per day on download and review processes, and teams from all over the world—including Korea, Germany, and Saudi Arabia—utilized the platform and received local support in their native languages.

In the field, the time it takes to capture, track, and close out inspection items has been reduced by 50 percent. The Tractebel teams also update the master list 60 percent faster.

In addition, capturing, distributing, and updating daily inspections has improved by 70 percent on average, from close to 30 minutes to under 10 minutes per daily inspection.

With the Aconex 3D model viewer, there has been a more than 50 percent savings per item on capture and resolution using 3D markup, from an average of over 50 minutes to under 25 minutes. Finally, the time it takes to compile information for handover has been cut in half.

Contractors who might operate only in specific regions are increasingly able to manage projects comprising global teams. Technology has made it easier to tap the expertise of consultants and advisors from any part of the world and collaborate with global vendors, given many projects use specialized materials and equipment sourced internationally.


J. Murphy & Sons: Boosting efficiency to support growth

Founded in 1951, J. Murphy & Sons Limited is a leading global specialist engineering and construction company that operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada; but the organization’s global perspective is far greater than these few countries. Murphy recognized that they needed to embrace new digital platforms to support their continued growth, including increasing the company’s efficiency and compliancy in a swiftly digitizing industry.

The company has standardized processes and systems across their UK, Irish, and Canadian operations and collaborated with extended team members located in other countries by adopting Oracle Aconex.


“In addition to the flexibility and ease of use we needed, we appreciate the assurance of security and reliability that comes from working with a company like Oracle. “

-Alex Jones, Group Head of BIM & Digital Construction, J. Murphy & Sons Limited


Murphy is also the proud winner of the 2019 Oracle Construction and Engineering Excellence Award for Solutions Implementation in Public Infrastructure. The company sped their document review workflows by 65 percent, their field inspections by 45 percent, and vastly improved their contract assurance, helping to eliminate the risk of penalties and ensure on time retention receipt.

Because world dynamics have changed, the Asia-Pacific region is slated to continue accounting for the largest share of the global construction industry, including the large markets of China, Japan, and India. The pace of growth over the forecast period will average 4.3 percent.*

Many of these global projects are being served by designers, contractors, engineers, consultants, and materials’ vendors from around the world. Global processes, systems, and above all, a global mindset are essential to succeed in today and tomorrow’s construction landscape.


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* https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/global-construction-outlook-to-2023---q3-2019-update-300932866.html

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