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Hawkins Achieves Company-Wide Data Insights With Oracle Aconex

Hawkins, one of New Zealand’s largest vertical construction companies, and part of the Downer family, recognized the value of adopting a holistic approach to how they manage applications and processes across their entire portfolio of projects. 

The construction company faced the challenge of how to standardize across disparate project types located throughout New Zealand, with projects ranging from commercial buildings to universities, hospitals, and industrial facilities.

Improving project delivery

Hawkins is always looking to grow and improve on project delivery to its customers. To support those goals, the company looked for a product that could be rolled out across the entire organization while providing an integrated approach to how they deliver projects.

“Understanding our processes and having a stable core is critical to ensuring we can consistently deliver to each of our clients. We hold ourselves to those high standards,” Hawkins Technical Systems Manager Craig Watkins says.

Hawkins wanted a platform that would improve communication and relationships with their clients and their supply chain—providing consistency and predictability in project delivery and contract management.

Using data to drive project success

Hawkins uses the Oracle Aconex APIs to extract data into their own data warehouse. As a data-rich organization, they recognize the value of data if used properly.

Hawkins wanted to pull their information into a single location, improve reporting functions, start automating processes, and begin analyzing their data in new ways to get insights into what’s happening and foresight into what to expect on individual projects.

Oracle Aconex

“We’ve been implementing Oracle Aconex as a central, cloud-based information and process management system, then using Oracle Aconex APIs to pull that information into our reporting systems along with scheduling and finance information. We’ve consolidated all our relevant company-wide information into a single location,” Watkins says.

With the data in one system, Hawkins can compare from project to project, reviewing the metrics to assess both similarities and differences across their project delivery. Because each project has unique drivers and complexities, comparing metrics across projects can be difficult.

Pulling data leads to trends and insights

“When we start pulling information in a consistent manner, we start reporting in the same way, so we’re using the same KPIs,” says Watkins.

“We can start seeing trends and ideas about what’s going on. Then we can identify what’s driving those individual elements on the projects. As we’re seeing the same metrics time and time again, we’re able to be more predictive.”

For example, when tendering, Hawkins can allocate risk more appropriately. The company can manage those risks in a better way and have more foresight into what’s likely to occur on projects.

Key takeaways

  1. Implement open systems that are compatible with APIs to integrate systems and consolidate data.
  2. Leverage company-wide data to drive your business.
  3. Ensure you have a stable core that enables on-site staff to perform optimally.
  4. Implement consistency across projects using a strong platform, ensuring the project team can confidently administer their contracts—including auditability and trackability across everything—from a construction contract to RFIs and subcontractors.
  5. Monitor deliverables and ensure commitments are being met.
  6. Regularly review systems to ensure they are relevant and meet staff needs.

Learn more about how Oracle Aconex helps Hawkins improve data management and reporting.

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