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How to Solve Your Top Five Facilities Management Challenges

Maintaining a complex facility such as a hospital, hotel or shopping centre is a challenging role.

In contrast to commercial buildings, where changes are less frequent, facilities with high public traffic will experience upgrades frequently. As a result, the documents containing information about the facility are constantly changing.

As a facilities manager, you recognise that as more data points enter your facility, it’s harder to ensure that accurate asset maintenance records are kept.

According to a survey we held in conjunction with the Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA), the industry is missing an important opportunity to reduce risk and increase operational control.

This survey of 555 members revealed a gap between what facility management professionals want and their current information system practices.

Overwhelmingly, their biggest concerns were capturing and storing information, finding and retrieving information, and providing collaborative information access to multiple parties. Alarmingly, some facility managers are involved in legal disputes over lost or inaccurate information.

At present, companies are using spreadsheets, shared network drives and even filing cabinets! Just 40 percent of FM information is stored electronically. The industry expects to increase this to 80 percent in the next two years.

Data deluge: Keeping track of your asset maintenance records

As a facility manager of a shopping centre or hospital, you have a vast amount of data under your control. You will probably recognise several of these top five asset maintenance concerns:

1) Fast information retrieval

Inadequate information management systems mean that just 10 percent of facility managers can locate their information quickly. More than half of surveyed professionals regularly take longer than 10 minutes to retrieve information.

Do you ever miss deadlines because you can’t pinpoint the correct information? Do you ever need to reproduce information because you can’t find it?

2) Managing and recording changes

When changes are made to your asset, it is crucial to ensure that the correct documentation is recorded and stored, and that you can track that change in a central system. If you are out in the field, can you access these changes or updates on your mobile device?

3) Coordinating vendors

The current processes for assigning work to contractors, such as email, have several drawbacks, including:

  • No audit trail
  • No inherent review and approval process
  • Delays

General speaking, the processes don’t work as well as required because the package of documents generally exceeds the capacity of the email gateway. How do you assign the correct work to each contractor and ensure that you always get a fair price?

How do you know the contractor received the latest documents? Do you know they have everything they need to start the job?

4) Handling faults

Asset maintenance is a complex process, and many facility managers don’t have the capacity to capture all faults in a central system. Can your workers use mobile devices to capture faults? How is this work then assigned to the relevant contractor?

5) Meeting compliance guidelines

Companies must comply with statutory regulations for managing their documents, so you need a process to ensure that data is stored correctly. Staying on top of legislative changes is also important to remain compliant. Inadequate record keeping is a constant worry for many FM professionals.

Sound familiar? Oracle Aconex can help get your records in order.

Oracle Aconex recognises the unique challenges facing the FM industry and has developed a software platform tailored specifically to help asset owners and FM firms master these issues.

We understand that hospitals and shopping centres are complex, ever-changing assets and that you require a sound online system to secure all the information centrally and provide secure access for stakeholders.

The collaborative online platform of Oracle Aconex enables facility managers to connect with organisations to exchange information in a controlled manner.

Our facilities management software gives you the flexibility to change documents frequently, quickly, easily, and at little cost.

You will be able to easily compile and transmit electronic packages of hundreds of documents with just a few clicks, to ensure your contractors have everything they need.

You will gain an up-to-the-minute view of what is happening so you can solve issues and avoid delays.

Most importantly, we’ll help you establish better information management practices to manage your increasingly diverse and complex shopping centre or hospital in this competitive environment.

Transform your asset maintenance records today

We’ve helped hundreds of facility managers and asset owners just like you to tackle these challenges, so you can be confident that our system is designed to solve the specific issues of the FM industry. See how Oracle Aconex can help improve the way you manage your facility.

Discover how Oracle Construction and Engineering is helping power project success for asset-intensive industries.

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