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  • February 6, 2018

Six ways to boost your digital ecosystem and streamline project performance

In last week’s post, we highlighted the five keys to unlocking engineering and construction digital transformation to radically improve productivity within the industry. This week, we’ll explore a common emerging technological challenge many organizations face: integrating your ecosystem.

The digital ecosystem in the E&C industry

The digital ecosystem is a pivotal component to technological change. Organizations resistant to modernizing their technology risk losing their competitive edge to more disruptive, contemporary, and innovative companies. The engineering and construction (E&C) ecosystem is particularly complex—extending beyond a single organization and permeating across the entire supply chain. But what happens if there are so many interconnected pieces of software, hardware, and applications a company is unable to create a streamlined ecosystem?

Download: Five Keys to Unlocking Digital Transformation

The Global Industry Council (GIC) provides digital ecosystem guidance

Aconex formed the Global Industry Council (GIC) to encourage industry laggards to digitalize or risk being left behind. Numerous global leading contractors formed the council, including: Bechtel, Chiyoda, Lendlease, and TAV. We partnered with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and met the GIC group several times throughout the year to discuss digital transformation in the E&C industry. Our discussions covered a variety of topics, including how to create a streamlined ecosystem. We discuss this challenge in our latest report Five Keys to Unlocking Digital Transformation in Engineering & Construction . Along with the Global Industry Council members and The Boston Consulting Group, we explore how we can help E&C organizations build stronger digital ecosystems while reducing complexity. Here are the recommended steps to maximizing the value of a digital ecosystem:
  • Define a strategy – Create a convincing case for why your organization should modernize their technology to ensure a high level of adoption.
  • Understanding the architecture – Manage the flow of data and processes, and improve productivity, by understanding your company’s tools and platforms.
  • Capitalize on open APIs and file formats – Take advantage of innovative technologies—including IoT, geospatial solutions, and augmented reality—by accelerating your company’s API integration
  • Interoperability and usability – Consider how new technology will fit within your organization’s existing software, hardware, and application (in addition to how it impacts the end user) before adding it to your ecosystem.
  • Vendor support for integration – Research vendors’ level of service and support thoroughly before globally implementing and adopting software.
  • Invest in a data lake – Motivate organizations to unlock valuable insights by leveraging the power of data.
At Aconex, we easily integrate with other systems. We realize that the seamless flow of project information between systems is imperative for large enterprises and megaprojects to succeed. We also understand that digital ecosystems will continue to evolve as organizations’ productivity increases and their profits rise.

Leading by example:  See how global leaders have embraced digital transformation

Find out how Bechtel, AECOM, Lendlease, and other global leaders are solving these challenges in their digital transformation journeys by reading our latest report, Five Keys to Unlocking Digital Transformation in Engineering and Construction.  Download the report today!

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