Tuesday Apr 15, 2008

SAGE@GUUG Web 2.0 Presentation

Yesterday, we had a SAGE@GUUG Meeting at the Munich Sun office.

In similar spirit to the USENIX SAGE, the SAGE@GUUG meetings are an informal gathering of system admins and Unix enthusiasts that like to talk about interesting computer-related topics. This time, I had the honor to host their Munich's group April meeting at Sun and the topic of the day was Web 2.0. Many thanks to Wolfgang for organizing the meeting, and a lot of thanks to Barbara, my angel from marketing for getting us food&drinks!

We began the meeting with this video:

Check out Mike Wesch's digital ethnography site for more information.

My slides were a slight modification from the GUUG FFG talk of the same name. As expected, the "PHP maintainability" slide with the large spaghetti photo triggered some agitated responses, but that's what provocations are for, and this is why Ruby is becoming more and more popular. I try to make my slides unusual and interesting, not boring eye-charts and bullet-point deserts. Let me know what you think of them!

We had about 30 people and the interaction with the group was great. Many people pointed out examples of their own on how the world is changing thanks to web 2.0, most visible in the way young people interact with media and technology.

After the talk, we saw an introduction by our favourite IT Guy to the new Sun UltraSPARC T2+ servers:

Which led us to a visit of the Sun Vision Center for some hardware show&tell, before going to the Fliegerbräu for some well-deserved beer.

Friday Mar 14, 2008

Presentation on Web 2.0 to the German Unix User's Group (GUUG)

Hands holding each otherYesterday I was invited to present on Web 2.0 during the German Unix User's Group's (GUUG) annual conference called the "Frühjahrsfachgespräch" (Spring Topic Conversations). The day before, Ulrich and I did a ZFS workshop during the same conference.

I was originally planning to show a video before the presentation, but I discovered too late that I forgot to install mplayer on my laptop. It's actually as easy as "/opt/csw/bin/pkg-get -i mplayer" (which I'm doing right now), if you have Blastwave installed. Here are two great videos to show during such occasions.  

About 35 people came and we had some interesting discussions after the talk. Some people like "The new web" because of its new possibilities of participation. Some are scared by fear of privacy, profiling and spam issues. My personal opinion is that the best way to deal with it is to participate, learn and adapt one's lifestyle to the Web 2.0 reality. If you don't like what Google comes up with when you search for your name, then update your online profiles on the different social networks, start a blog (or update it more often) and make sure that the good stuff you do shows up on the web somewhere. I only blog about 2-3 times a month, but this is enough for Google to put my blog on the top three links when searching for my name.

Here are the german slides to my current web 2.0 presentation, and an english version is available too. The slides are meant to complement the speaker, not to substitute him or her, so they may only be of value to people who attended the session. If you want to get the presenter as well and you are in Germany, tell your Sun sales rep to do a Web 2.0 workshop with your company :).

Yes, Alec, I know I should record myself on video... I will.

Sunday Aug 12, 2007

ZFS Interview in the POFACS Podcast (German)

Last week, I've been interviewed by the german podcast POFACS, the podcast for alternative computer systems. Today, the interview went live, so if you happen to understand the german language and want to learn about ZFS while driving to work or while jogging, you're invited to listen to the interview.

I was actually amazed at how long the interview turned out: It's 40 minutes, while recording the piece only felt like 20 minutes or so. The average commute time in germany is about 20 minutes, so this interview will easily cover both ways to and from work. But there's more: This episode of POFACS also introduces you to the NetBSD operating system, the German Unix User Group GUUG. Finally, the guys at POFACS were also so kind to feature the HELDENFunk podcast in a short introductory interview. Thanks!

So with a total playing time if 1 hour and 20 minutes, this episode has you covered for at least two commutes or a couple of jogging runs :).


Tune in and find out useful stuff about Sun Solaris, CPU and System Technology, Web 2.0 - and have a little fun, too!


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