Tuesday May 01, 2007

NetBeans Sample Apps Catalog

NetBeans 6 is introducing more sample applications. There is a new interactive website for the new Top 5 Sample applications.

Align & Distribute Tools In NetBeans UML

Finally... align and distribute tools are in NetBeans UML. We've had it on the todo feature wish list for some time now and I decided it was a feature that was past due. Being motivated by my own needs for these features, I took a few evenings and finished it off.

If you have NetBeans 6 installed, you can use Plugin action (Tools|Plugins) to get the latest build of the UML Tools and you can start using these new features today.

With elements selected in a diagram, right click on one of the selected elements, select Align or Distribute and one of the six directional actions.

There may still be some refinement to be done, but my initial tests with all the diagrams produced expected behavior.

Toolbar icons are already in the works and filed as an enhancement issue in IssueZilla. If you find any bugs or have any additional enhancement suggestions, please use IssueZilla.

Friday Feb 02, 2007

More on JasperReports Usage in NetBeans

My article on using JasperReports was quite popular. A colleague and good friend of mine, Brian Leonard, told me it would be extremely well received, but I was pessimistic. I was just trying to salvage some R&D efforts that ended as just a prototype. To my surprise, Brian was spot on. The article went on to become the most viewed article on SDN for the entire last half of 2006! Who knew? Oh yeah, Brian did.

Anyway, I received many requests to do follow up articles on using JasperReports in NetBeans for various other tasks, but the schedule just didn't allow for it. Fortunately, another colleague of mine, Chris Kutler, does have the time to provide further assistance for all of you starving for more NetBeans-JasperReports cuisine. See Chris' blog for details on her tutorial, Using JasperReports in a Visual Web Application.

Wednesday Jan 24, 2007

NetBeans JasperReports Designer Module

Just read a review by Geertjan of a NetBeans module for a JasperReports visual report designer created by Toni Epple. The UML team will be keeping an eye on the progress of this module and will be thinking in terms of exposing our UML data model elements as fields that can be dragged onto this report designer. No work has begun on this, but we are well aware of the value add of UML custom reports.

Here is Geertjan's review

Friday Jan 05, 2007

5 Things You Probably Don't Know...

I have been tagged by Brian, and my goal is to quickly tag 5 others.

  1. While getting my BS in Applied Mathematics, I was a bartender and a DJ (nightclubs and wedding receptions).
  2. I grew up in the Baltimore, MD area for 27 years and moved to the Bay Area based on advice from a friend that is now a top engineer at Google (if not for this advice I might still be writing code on a mainframe or worse... in Visual Basic).
  3. I met my wife in a car accident in Palo Alto in May 2001. Here's the website of the book that documents that and other "chance meetings". Our story is featured on the website.
  4. I play on and run the Palo Alto Lacrosse Club team and coach a youth lacrosse team called the Tomahawks. In my first year (2006) as the coach, my team (grade 7 & 8) won the championship.
  5. I juggle while NetBeans performs my UML module build. Thanks to faster computers and increased performance in NetBeans, my juggling sessions get shorter. Oddly enough, the decreases in session time are following Moore's Law ;)

Now the 5: Trey, Kris, Sheryl, Thuy, George - you're it!

Monday Dec 11, 2006

Create and Use a Custom Design Pattern in NetBeans UML

Using well-established Design Patterns (GoF, EJB) to create model elements has been available in the NetBeans UML for quite some time. See the following article for using these design patterns.
Designing Patterns With UML

To make this feature even more useful, you can create your own custom design patterns and use them to generate model elements which can then generate source for you. Download the attached PDF file for full details.
Creating and Using Custom Design Pattern Demo Script

Wednesday Jun 28, 2006

JasperReports in NetBeans

Interested in adding reporting capabilities in your Java applications?

See my article on integrating JasperReports library into NetBeans. The article shows you how to produce a simple "hello world" report on up to a simple list of data retrieved from an RDBMS.

Even if you not interested in reporting, this article takes you through the exercises of integrating a third party library, custom file types and Javadoc into NetBeans so that you get all the benefits of NetBeans code complete and integrated Javadoc lookup.

Integrating and Using JasperReports in NetBeans




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