Oracle News | May 27, 2016

Connecting Veterans with Jobs at Oracle

By: Margaret Harrist | Director, Content Strategy and Implementation


Coordinating the transport of 40,000 soldiers and personnel to Iraq—as well as their equipment, ammunition, and supplies—is no small feat. Few civilians have experience managing logistics for such a complex operation, but it was part of the job for Maj. Jasmine Demps, who has served in the Texas Army National Guard since 1997 and deployed to Iraq twice.

Now that she’s about to retire from the military, Demps is one of many veterans facing the challenge of parlaying her range of experiences into a new career.

Last Friday, she was among the 90 military veterans who attended the first of three Oracle Veteran Talent Connections events, which give Oracle recruiters and hiring managers the opportunity to meet job-seeking veterans face to face. Spearheaded by Oracle Veteran Recruiting Manager Josh Shaffer, the events are a new component in the company’s continuing effort to hire military veterans.

Shaffer remembers well the challenge of transitioning from the military to a civilian job. “Resumes don’t always convey what veterans are looking for, so often recruiting managers don’t even get a chance to talk with them,” he says. “A lot of companies say they love hiring them, but the veterans never hear back from them when they apply. Oracle is committed to hiring veterans, and our goal through this program is to get more of them in front of the right people here.”

The inaugural event was held in Austin, Texas; others are planned for Reston, Virginia, on July 29 and Denver, Colorado, in the fall.

Some veterans who attended the Austin event were, like Demps, about to retire from the military. Others had been out for awhile and had jobs, but were interested in exploring opportunities at Oracle.

“In a way, it would be like going from one big organization to another,” said a master sergeant with 30 years of military service who talked with many of the Oracle staffers on hand. “The hard part is figuring out how your skills translate.”

Also attending were veterans hoping to apply their technical background to hardware sales; a number of job candidates eyeing opportunities in supply chain, finance, and product development; and a retired former top US Army recruiter in Texas.

For Demps, who in addition to her logistics and human resources management experience in the military has an MBA from Concordia University, the chance to discuss job opportunities in person with so many Oracle recruiters and hiring managers was exciting.

It’s a far better experience than submitting résumés online, and it gives the veterans a chance to talk with Oracle employees about the kinds of jobs available—which, after years in the military, is a whole new world.

These events are designed to be an eye-opener for those on both sides of the hiring desk, Shaffer says.

“We can’t hire every veteran, but we can try like hell,” he says. “At least we can get them in front of the right people.”

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Director, Content Strategy and Implementation

Margaret Harrist is a senior content strategist for Oracle.

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