Meet me in the Metaverse: How CSPs can become the backbone of the next global information infrastructure

October 14, 2022 | 4 minute read
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The 19th of October I will have the honor to participate to the communications industry keynote at the upcoming Oracle CloudWorld 2022. I am eager to share the stage with Jason Rutherford, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Oracle Communications Applications General Business Unit and GM of Oracle. 

In some ways, this brings me full circle. I had the same pleasure three years ago when I attended the last physical Oracle OpenWorld, when Jason was newly appointed to this role.

At that time, we discussed how communication service providers (CSPs) needed to reinvent their role within and beyond the traditional boundaries of the industry. They needed to become pivotal to new and innovative value chains and build the digital marketplace.

Fast forward three years.  I can see this vision has been realized—and new opportunities are rising. When Jason challenged me with “Let’s try to figure out together the next for CSPs” a quote from Elon Musk came to my mind that express my thinking well, which is: “Instead of playing chess with the same pieces as everyone else, create new pieces”.Andrea Cesarini is Managing Director, Oracle Business Group Lead Europe at Accenture

I believe the metaverse is one of those new pieces. Accenture leadership believes the metaverse is one of the five forces that will shape the decade ahead and represents a large opportunity for CSPs, ever at the forefront of innovation.

As the next evolution of the internet, the metaverse will be a continuum of rapidly emerging capabilities, use cases, technologies, and experiences. It will fundamentally change how all of us create, experience, own, socialize and transact. It stands to revolutionize the way CSPs operate, from their strategy and business models to the way they approach ecosystems and partnerships. 

Most CSPs recognize the future that lies before them. Accenture’s Communications Technology Vision 2022 found that 69% of Communications executives believe the metaverse is a significant opportunity for their company. The most likely early adopters of the metaverse are consumer ages 10 to 35, likely accessing with a mobile device. So, CSPs have the chance to play a vital role in shaping and defining the metaverse value chain. Their access to customers and their trusted position will give them advantage to bring new solutions to life in the “meta,” while they also build new ways to connect to customers, partners, and their own digital workforce.

There are many ways CSPs can leverage their position as the backbone of the future global information and communications infrastructure:

  • Ecosystem maturity: A highly interoperable ecosystem of cloud-native players is necessary for the metaverse to succeed. The digital transformation of telcos has been moving towards this goal for at least a decade through open standards, common development languages and modular microservice-based, cloud-native IT. Metaverse is the final kick to push CSPs towards being an Industry orchestrator.
  • Security: The metaverse must be a secure and safe environment for consumers and businesses to inhabit. CSPs have been ramping up their security services recently to address B2B and B2B2X opportunities, as well as due to governmental and regulatory pressures. Many of the lessons learned along the way are relevant to the metaverse.
  • Identity: Analogous to roaming from one country network to another country network, CSPs can authenticate and protect your identity. CSPs promote and maintain sovereign digital identity for their customers, certify the authenticity of traffic on their networks and establish trust and permanency for digital objects such as media content. Much activity will occur on mobile devices and laptops, giving carriers the opportunity to associate international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) with other credentials for authentication and security purposes. By combining strengths in connectivity and trust with blockchain technology advantages in security and speed, CSPs can also create new capabilities such as tracking and protecting the dynamic use of rights between companies, consumers, and creators.
  • BSS/OSS for customer experience, service provisioning, monetization:  CSPs also traditionally know a lot about their customers, supporting different engagement models for use by the CSPs themselves and their ecosystem partners. The metaverse offers the opportunity for CSPs to re-engage with customers and work with partners to provide new and different blended physical/digital experiences, particularly when integrating experiences across mobile devices and physical spaces. CSPs could reuse BSS and OSS capabilities for their own metaverse services, CSPs could make them available to third party service providers and applications developers as part of their network-as-a-service strategies.
  • Responsible and sustainable businesses: Many CSPs are keenly focused on using innovation to cut operational emissions, while collaborating with suppliers and other industries to decarbonize the wider value chain. Innovations that leverage the metaverse will bring even greater opportunity to reach sustainability goals. For example, consider how real-time immersive learning experiences could replace the need to travel or reduce truck rolls.

Accenture has 30 years of experience with Oracle solutions, in-depth knowledge of Comms specific needs, and an extensive background in cloud initiatives—and is here to help! We are jointly investing in to develop accelerator within our differentiating digital platform myConcerto to help our clients navigate uncertainty and accelerate the path to value of this journey.

To unlock the full spectrum of opportunities within the metaverse, CSPs must act now by expanding beyond traditional connectivity services to new capabilities and operational models. This is not about replicating current practices. It’s about using technology to reinvent.

To learn more, check out Accenture’s recent study Communications Technology Vision 2022: Meet Me in the Metaverse.

Andrea Cesarini is Managing Director, Oracle Business Group Lead Europe at Accenture

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