Monday Jun 18, 2012

The “Customer” Experience Revolution is Here

A guest post by Anthony Lye, SVP, CRM, Oracle

The Experience Revolution is here, and we are going to explore and celebrate our new customer experience (CX) ventures and strategy in an extraordinary way. In true Oracle fashion, we are hosting an exceptional event, bringing together customer experience advocates, visionaries and practitioners to discover and define Oracle’s Customer Experience vision.

At The Experience Revolution, Oracle President Mark Hurd will detail the vision of where customer experience is going and how Oracle will help you get there. He will introduce for the first time Oracle Customer Experience, a cross stack suite of customer experience products that enable organizations to:

  • Engage customers with a consistent, connected and personalized brand experience across all channels and devices
  • Deliver exceptional cross-channel order fulfillment and customer service through web, call centers and social networks
  • Connect and analyze data from all interactions to better personalize experiences and identify hidden opportunities

The Experience Revolution will also include an interactive gallery of customer experience interactions, featuring videos, touch screens and near field communication technology that will guide each attendee through an individualized event experience.

We hope you will join us for an incredible evening on June 25, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Gotham Hall in New York City.  You can register for The Experience Revolution here.

And if you haven’t already joined the conversation on Twitter, please do:  #OracleCX, #ExperienceRevolution

Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

Consumer Goods Companies Are Increasingly Going Direct To Consumers

Economist Intelligence Unit Survey Reveals Consumer Goods Companies are Experimenting More with Mobile and Social Media to Engage with and Sell Directly to Consumers

A recent study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and sponsored by Oracle Consumer Goods found that Consumer Goods (CG) companies are increasingly experimenting with new ways to establish and enhance direct, two-way relationships with consumers.

The report found that the use of social and mobile channels are increasingly helping CG companies become more comfortable with the direct-to-consumer selling model, with the number of companies selling products directly to consumers expected to increase from 24 percent to 41 percent over the next 12 months. In addition, 74 percent of CEO-level respondents say social media is a priority for increasing loyalty over the next 12 months.

Despite the growing social and mobile marketing trend, survey respondents and other CG executives see their nascent e-commerce efforts as complementary to, not competing with, existing retail channels, but are committed to expanding their direct-to-consumer strategies. A full copy of the results is available here: “New Directions: Consumer Goods Companies Hone a Cross-Channel Approach to Consumer Marketing” report

Read more perspectives about the study from Brandchannel and Oracle.

Wednesday Feb 15, 2012

Telecommunications - Boost Online and Cross Channel Revenue – February 23 Webinar

Consumers expect a personalized customer experience in which communications service providers (CSPs) act more like retailers.  As a result, CSPs must streamline sales and marketing tactics to provide a consistent brand and service-focused sales culture.  Tune into this informative webinar to explore successful  e-commerce strategies for telecommunications that can:  

  • Increase conversions of visitors to customers by 16%
  • Increase online orders by more than 50%
  • Greatly reduce the cost of processing online orders

Featuring distinguished presenters from Analysys Mason and Oracle, this webinar will reveal cross-channel marketing and sales strategies for providing a uniform, personalized buying experience. It will also explain how CSPs can easily adopt sound retail standards. Presenters include:

  • Mark Mortensen, Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason
  • David Fan, Senior Director, CRM Product Management, Oracle
Clock here to watch a replay of the webcast..

Wednesday Dec 21, 2011

Mobile Couponing Is Only One Part Of A Continual Customer Dialogue

So I was reading an article from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal titled “Procter & Gamble Cuts Mobile Coupon Deal” and it got me thinking that presenting a coupon on a smartphone is neither the beginning nor the end of the customers’ journey with a brand.  Engagement begins with strong insights of your customer, either implicit or explicit, by collecting and holding customer data across all systems and customer touchpoints into one central location.  And relying on that centralized data across all interactions with customers.

The next step is to provide a consistency customer journey, whether they begin researching a product on your website, have a conversation with a call center agent, go into your store or field office, or engage with you via a smartphone or tablet device.  Once the customer places the order, it follows that the order and fulfillment should be visible to the customer as well as any of employees.  And finally, couponing, like in the Procter & Gamble example, is only one piece of customer loyalty as it’s broader than that in order to maintain a continual, ongoing relationship with them.  You can read more about Oracle’s vision around Complete Commerce by reading this white paper titled “Deliver a Superior Cross-Channel Commerce Experience”.

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