Wednesday Feb 08, 2012

Consumer Goods Companies Hone A Cross-Channel Approach To Consumer Marketing

Consumer goods (CG) manufacturers are aggressively exploring ways to integrate new channels such as social media and mobile into the marketing mix to attract and engage consumers. However, they are not ready to abandon traditional approaches to consumer marketing. CG marketers say they want to increase engagement with consumers and improve their direct-to-consumer initiatives—but are they really ready to do so?

Perhaps CG companies looking to get closer to consumers ought to think more like retailers, which have made significant investments in understanding consumer behaviour and sentiment across physical and digital environments. New directions: consumer goods companies hone a cross-channel approach to consumer marketing, an Economist Intelligence Unit report sponsored by Oracle, draws on a survey of 221 CG executives as well as in-depth interviews with corporate leaders in the CG industry to explore the changing face of consumer marketing.

Monday Feb 06, 2012

Learn How To Power the Cross-Channel Customer Experience with Oracle’s Complete Commerce

Today’s customers are more information-enabled and mobile than ever before. This growing trend creates a double-edged sword to offer a consistent brand journey while also keeping them loyal and happy.

Customers expect instant gratification, whether it stem from their pc, smartphones, tablets or retail kiosks. They may begin the buying process in a retail store, but complete it from the comfort of their couch. And through it all, they expect their journey to be personalized, relevant and consistent across all of these touchpoints.

So, how can your company hope to deliver on its brand promise beneath such lofty expectations?  Read this white paper and gain an understanding of Complete Commerce and how it can change the way you interact with your customers. You will understand how Complete Commerce can help you unify the customer experience, personalize their journey, maximize the engagement, and optimize the execution.

Wednesday Feb 01, 2012

Live Webcast: Oracle Live Help On Demand

Today a greater percentage of online buyers are not completing their purchase because they cannot find the product they were seeking. Recognizing the reasons for cart abandonment or frustrations in the buying experience will enable you to complete that sale and better serve your customer.

Join our live Webcast to learn how Oracle Live Help On Demand enables you to deliver proactive, personalized assistance that grows sales, increases loyalty, and gives you the insight to drive your business forward.

Wednesday Jan 11, 2012

Attending eTail Palm Springs, Learn How Mobile And Social Are Impacting Commerce

Mobile commerce (or m-commerce) and social commerce are emerging as significant trends in the way customers interact and ultimately purchase from companies.  While mobile phone users have a tendency to purchase in a store, growing percentages use their mobile phones to comparison shop.  And social commerce is generating interest as well but the key is monetizing this new customer touchpoint.

If you are attending eTail Palm Springs, make sure you come to the February 28th session at 12:40pm (Track D: Optimizing The Mobile & Social Commerce Experience) to hear from Michael Hylton, Director, eCommerce Product Marketing at Oracle.  You will learn about trends in both mobile and social commerce and how you can address these important new ways customers interact with your brand.

Wednesday Jan 04, 2012

How Are Your Customers Doing?

Over the holiday break I decided to install a barcode reader/price comparison app on my smartphone.  While I had a number of choices – ShopSavvy, RedLaser, Google Shopper, etc. – I realize the power and control I now have in the palm of my hand.  It is now even more imperative to ensure you have the right products, at the right price, at the right point of customer interaction.

Take a step back from your day-today commerce tasks and ask yourself “How are customers perceiving my brand and am I doing everything I can do to keep them loyal and continuing to buy from me?”  Armed with the answers, you will have a better perspective to ensure the optimal cross-channel commerce experience for your customers.

Wednesday Dec 21, 2011

Mobile Couponing Is Only One Part Of A Continual Customer Dialogue

So I was reading an article from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal titled “Procter & Gamble Cuts Mobile Coupon Deal” and it got me thinking that presenting a coupon on a smartphone is neither the beginning nor the end of the customers’ journey with a brand.  Engagement begins with strong insights of your customer, either implicit or explicit, by collecting and holding customer data across all systems and customer touchpoints into one central location.  And relying on that centralized data across all interactions with customers.

The next step is to provide a consistency customer journey, whether they begin researching a product on your website, have a conversation with a call center agent, go into your store or field office, or engage with you via a smartphone or tablet device.  Once the customer places the order, it follows that the order and fulfillment should be visible to the customer as well as any of employees.  And finally, couponing, like in the Procter & Gamble example, is only one piece of customer loyalty as it’s broader than that in order to maintain a continual, ongoing relationship with them.  You can read more about Oracle’s vision around Complete Commerce by reading this white paper titled “Deliver a Superior Cross-Channel Commerce Experience”.

Wednesday Dec 07, 2011

Exalogic: The Optimal Platform for Oracle ATG Web Commerce

Increasing conversion rates in an ever-more competitive e-commerce environment is critical to ensuring success in a fragmented and global e-commerce landscape. And this should be done without sacrificing margins. Oracle’s engineered system (hardware and software optimized to work together) for Oracle ATG Web Commerce is called Exalogic. Exalogic can increase conversion rates, improve ATG performance, and require less hardware because ATG runs 3x more efficiently on Exalogic.

Another key benefit of Exalogic is enabling ATG deployments to be brought to market faster than a traditional blade-based architecture. New environments can be up and running in as little as a day as opposed to the months it traditionally takes.

Total cost of ownership is dramatically reduced due to Exalogic’s pre-integrated architecture, end-to-end vertically integrated monitoring (Oracle Enterprise Manager) and the fact that only a third of the CPU cores are required because ATG runs 3x more efficiently on Exalogic.

Read this white paper, “Exalogic: The Optimal Platform for ATG”, to learn more about how Oracle hardware and software solutions can improve the commerce experience. 

Thursday Dec 01, 2011

For B2B Companies, Every Day Should Be “Cyber Monday”

The top two successful growth strategies for B2B companies are similar to B2C - selling into new industries and introducing new products or services.  And Web self-service commerce is one of the tactics to get you there.  If you haven’t already, B2B companies like yourself should embrace e-commerce as part of your go-to-market strategy as a vehicle to enter new sales opportunities and new markets.

Research has found that B2B customers expect the same type of online interaction – personalization, simplicity, catalog, and shopping cart – as when they shop in a B2C shopping experience.

Web self-service should be considered another customer touchpoint, along with field sales, call center, etc., that customers and partners can use to engage in purchasing your products and services.  And that Web engagement should be consistent with how they currently interact with you so you show one face to the customer.

Wednesday Nov 23, 2011

3 Key Trends For Mobile Commerce – Location, Location, Location

This past weekend I was at a major bookstore chain and looking for a particular book.  Rather than ask the clerk, I went to my smartphone and went online to find the book title, author, and competing price.  I know I’m not alone in this effort and more and more individuals (and businesses) will use the power of mobility to tilt the scale in their favor.

Armed with a mobile device – smartphone or tablet – folks will use them to research, compare, and ultimately purchase.  A recent PayPal survey found that 46% of respondents plan to use a mobile device this holiday season to make a purchase.   An astounding 27% of consumers in an e-tailing group survey commissioned by Oracle, use a tablet device daily or several times a week to research products and services.

Beyond researching or making purchases, 35% of consumers use their smartphone to receive offers and coupons, and 32% access coupons and redeem them at their local retail store.  And with GPS capabilities in smartphones and tablet (and with user’s approval), retailers will start pushing coupons and offers directly to phone users based on their proximity to their store (or their competitors).

Security is one concern that both shoppers, companies and phone manufacturers will have to deal with in the coming years.  In that same Oracle-sponsored e-tailing group consumer survey, 32% of consumers were concerned about giving their credit card information via a smartphone.

You can gain further insight into the mind of today’s consumer by reading the e-tailing group white paper, titled “the connected consumer”.

Wednesday Nov 16, 2011

Oracle ATG Ranked "Leader" Once Again In This Year's Gartner Magic Quadrant For E-Commerce

Oracle ATG Web Commerce is in the top portion of the Leaders quadrant once again in this year's Gartner Magic Quadrant for E-Commerce, and gained in “ability to execute” over the 2010 version. Leaders are defined in this Magic Quadrant as technology providers that demonstrate the optimal blend of insight, innovation, execution and the ability to "see around the corner."

Oracle ATG Web Commerce is a Leader because it has broadened its e-commerce capabilities with multisite management, a broader range of mobile devices supported and other additions, and Gartner points out ATG’s steady growth in revenue, market share and market visibility. Gartner notes that Oracle made the announcement regarding its acquisition of ATG in November 2010 and this has helped ATG with additional sales, marketing, R&D and global partnerships.

Oracle ATG's latest release, Oracle ATG Commerce 10, provides several important enhancements, including multisite management, cross-channel campaign management and support for a broader range of mobile devices, with the addition of merchandising (including updates to the user interface) and promotions applications.

The Magic Quadrant focuses on e-commerce for B2B and B2C across industry verticals, including retail, manufacturing, distribution, telecommunications, publishing, media, and financial services. The product should be able to integrate with applications beyond traditional e-commerce channels to meet the emerging customer requirement to transact across channels with a seamless experience.

Wednesday Nov 02, 2011

Are You Ready For Mobile Commerce?

comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, released its Q2 2011 U.S. retail e-commerce sales estimates, which showed that online retail spending reached $37.5 billion for the quarter, up 14 percent versus year ago.  As part of this, companies need to ensure that their commerce strategy includes mobile.  This is especially important as most consumers use two or more channels to browse, research, and purchase products.

There’s also been a lot of press recently around mobile and the battles over smartphone platform dominance.  The backside is that mobile commerce, or m-Commerce, is here to stay in a big way.

The results of an Oracle study of 3,000 worldwide mobile phone users found that 30% of customers have comparison shopped using their mobile phone, but still prefer to make the ultimate purchase in a store.  So the key is that customers expect companies to deliver a consistent, cross channel journey that includes mobile.  Click here to read the Oracle white paper “Consumer Views of Mobile Shopping and Mobile Service Providers.”

Wednesday Oct 26, 2011

Sprint Becomes More Efficient When Customers Go Online

Watch and listen to Sprint's success using Oracle's ATG Web Commerce to support key customer experience objectives.  This includes achieving a more personalized on-line experience and moving customers to their website from call centers.  Recent results include a 25% growth in Ecare self-service. Another focus includes a new community site with ratings and reviews to support the purchase process.  Also read here to learn more about Oracle's ATG Web Commerce solutions.

Wednesday Oct 19, 2011

Ways Communications Service Providers Can Become More Retail-Focused

Communications service providers (CSPs) are offering increasingly complex, personalized service bundles to meet the needs of their customers. Meanwhile, customers are increasingly comfortable with multichannel interactions with retail suppliers.  To become modern retailers, CSPs need to adopt new techniques, technology, best practices of leading ecommerce retailers.  Learn more by reading this Analysys Mason white paper titled "Cross-channel marketing and sales provides a uniform, personalized buying experience".

Wednesday Oct 12, 2011

Why is the Multi-Channel Buyer so Important to Chico FAS’ Commerce Strategy?

The management at Chico’s FAS, a women’s specialty brands retailer with 1,225 boutiques and outlets throughout the U.S. and direct-to-consumer channels for each of its brands, believes the multi-channel buyers is 3 to 5 times more important to their business.  Their multi-channel commerce strategy is to be wherever their customers want to shop.

Watch this video on how Oracle ATG Web Commerce enables Chico’s FAS to deliver on their multi-channel promise to bring a personalized and single view to their customers across each of their three product lines.

Friday Sep 30, 2011

Want To Following Oracle ATG Web Commerce At Oracle Open World 2011?

The best part of going to conferences these days is not just listening to the speakers but also getting other people's thoughts and perspectives VIA TWITTER. Like every year we have created hashtags to allow Oracle OpenWorld 2011 attendees to follow the live action from Moscone Center, San Francisco.

* The Oracle Hashtags for the conference are  #OOW11 and @OracleOpenWorld, so include them in your tweets.
* To follow CRM at Oracle OpenWorld 2011, include #OOW11CRM in your tweet.
* To follow Oracle ATG Web Commerce at Oracle OpenWorld 2011, include #ATGCOMMERCE in your tweet.

For those NOT on Twitter, you can get started right away.

* Step 1: Sign up for a Twitter account.
* Step 2: Post updates on Twitter about the conference: session pointers, networking, analysis, key takeaways, etc.
* Step 3: In every 140 character post, include #ATGCOMMERCE (without quotes and a space in front of and after the tag)

For those of you who won't be there, you can still follow the action via a Twitter search for #ATGCOMMERCE.

See you on Twitter!


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