IT Innovation | March 25, 2015

Collaboration Drives Innovation as China Oracle User Groups and Oracle University Work Together to Change Lives

By: Lauren Harris


From time to time, I ask guest contributors to provide posts
on timely and important topics. Today, I’m sharing a post by Jim Jiang, who
runs our APAC User Groups relationships. Jim shares the story of an innovative
program launched collaboratively by the China Oracle User Groups and Oracle
University. The new initiative is designed to address the rapidly growing need
for skilled and certified IT professionals, while providing participants with a
career boost.

As a reminder, Oracle’s user groups are independent. We don’t
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their events, answer questions from their membership and learn from their
feedback. We’re committed to fostering strong and independent user
groups across the globe. There are more than 900 worldwide, providing dynamic
forums for customers to share information, experiences and expertise. Focused
on products, technologies, applications and industries, these user groups offer
an environment for all customers to network, share information and learn about best

It’s no secret that the more information you can get and a greater
sense of community around your work helps promote your overall effectiveness
and satisfaction. So, if you’re not a member of an Independent User Group now,
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Jim shares his important story below about how Oracle User
Groups are helping to change lives.


China Oracle User
Groups and Oracle University Join Forces for Young Expert Program
by Jim Jiang, User Group Relationship, APAC

When diverse groups of individuals come together and work
toward a common goal, good things happen. We saw an excellent example of this
during the 4th OTN China User Group
Conference Tour
meeting in Beijing with China Oracle User Groups. It was a
great success, doubling in size from the previous year, with more than 1,000
participants from 600 companies.

One of the highlights of the event was the launch of an
innovative and collaborative program targeted at emerging IT professionals –
the User
Group Young Expert Program

There is no denying that the need for skilled IT
professionals is growing rapidly around the globe, outstripping the ability of
many regions and enterprises to keep pace. We all agree that the faster we can
get IT professionals online and help them to continue to expand their skills,
the better for everyone. Individuals benefit with highly marketable and
in-demand skills that open the door to rewarding careers. Enterprises win by
fueling their organizations with the skills needed to drive growth and

these challenges and intended benefits in mind, China Oracle Users Groups
partnered with Oracle University to create the User Group Young Expert Program.
Run in conjunction with Oracle University, the initiative helps user group
members advance their expertise with Oracle technology and become Oracle Certified. Oracle offers more than 100 certifications
spanning applications, database, enterprise management, foundation technology,
industries, Java and middleware, virtualization and more. The User Group Young
Expert Program allows qualified individuals recommended by user group
leadership to take an Oracle Certification exam free of charge.

for and passing an Oracle Certification exam, including Oracle Database
Certification, is a big achievement for IT professionals in China. The ability
to be able to take the exam free of charge if you qualify can literally be a
life-changing event for young professionals.

offers three important benefits to individuals:

  • Salary advancement - According
    to Oracle's 2012 salary survey, more than 80% of Oracle Certified professionals
    reported a promotion, compensation increase or other career improvements after
    becoming certified.
  • Opportunity and credibility - Expanded skills
    and knowledge lead to greater confidence and increased career security and help
    to unlock new opportunities with employers.
  • Career growth - 97% of Global Fortune 500
    companies use Oracle. They also need skilled technologists to implement,
    develop and administer critical systems. Earning an Oracle certification helps equip
    individuals with these in-demand skills.

From an
employer’s perspective, Oracle Certified professionals bring unmatched working
knowledge of critical Oracle solutions and technology to the enterprise —
enabling companies to optimize their Oracle investment to drive value.

User Group Young Expert Program also enables regional user groups to deliver
added value to their members, while fostering professional development in their
ranks. Program participants are asked to share their knowledge by publishing a
blog post or article, posting on Weibo or Wechat about a relevant Oracle
Database topic, or leading a database session at a conference or event.

regional user groups and Oracle University made 60 vouchers available in the inaugural
year and look forward to expanding the program in 2015. It’s a winning
proposition for everyone involved.

The launch of the User Group Young Expert Program was not
the only highlight of the two-day China User Groups program, which featured 45
speakers and 48 educational and user sessions. Throughout the event there was a
strong emphasis on Oracle Cloud, as well as sessions led by Oracle and various customers
including: Alipay, China Unicom, CNTV, FAW Volkswagen Automobile, Postal
Savings Bank of China, TravelSky and Zhejiang Mobile.

China Oracle Users Groups continue to grow and provide members with valuable
opportunities for professional development and best practice sharing. Oracle,
through the OTN China User Group Conference Tour and collaborative User Group
Young Expert Program, is pleased to support their efforts and help further the
careers of young Oracle experts.