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I'm 5 weeks into working on a wonderful MacBook Pro - 3GB, 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo, etc. All the bells and whistles. And I must say, it's been really great.

The only problem has been Apple's lack of a complete release of Java SE 6. So perhaps they'll release it this week at WWDC. In the meantime, I've already a successful demo of NetBeans 6 + Java SE 6 within Windows Vista in a vm running within a beta release of Parallels v3. All good.

So this weekend, Parallels v3 goes GA: I download and install, but my already-purchased licence key doesn't work. Lots of confusion at Parallels, recorded message says to contact Element 5 (who handles their online purchases), Element 5 says that Parallels screwed up, they don't have any keys, etc. Hmmm. Well, maybe it's just the admin folks who haven't exactly got their act together. I send an email to support, then apply for and receive a two-week trial key to tide me over until they get organised.

Lots of new features! A surprising number since the last build I've been able to play with (I think there's a clue there). And if you try to use the GA version with an existing VM, you get warned that it will upgrade the vm so you won't be able to revert to the previous version, so you should back it up. Hmm. Well, OK.

I decide to install a WinXP VM, as I really don't have any need for Vista, particularly since it eats lots of resource. Install initially hangs part way thru: this happens twice. Hmm again. Well, maybe it needs sp2 - my install disk is at sp1. I get onto a windoze box, download the sp2 upgrade, and use the excellent free Nlite to slipstream sp2 into the xp disk (and to set some defaults - very useful), and create a new disk, which successfully installs. Add the usual bits and pieces (Firefox, metapad, etc. that I find essential on Windows), all OK. And, btw, play with some of the neat features mentioned above, like being able to resize the Parallels window and have the resolution in Windows automagically reset! Wowsers!

I install jdk SE6u1, all OK. Download glassfish, do a java -jar glassfish... to install and Urkh! licence dialog comes up blank. Can't continue. Download jdk5u11, same problem.

This is a showstopper for me. On looking over the Parallels forums, it appears others are having various problems. I get the distinct impression that in their mad race with Vmware Fusion, the Parallels folks have overlooked some testing.

I've downloaded the latest VMware Fusion build (beta 4), and used the same sp2 disk to install on it. All seemed to go OK, but haven't yet done the jdk/ glassfish thing. I'll report back.


VMware Fusion (beta 4) worked fine

Update 2: On a suggestion from the Parallels forums, I turned off DirectX support - which apparently conflicts with Java(!) - and the GF install worked. Sigh. The joys of early adoption. . .

I set up the new VMWare Fusion beta over the weekend and am very happy with it. Snappy, and unity works nicely. Have to admit I don't use the Windows VM all that much but useful for some occasional testing.

Posted by Brett Porter on June 10, 2007 at 02:50 PM EST #

install glassfish with a argments -Xmx256m. like this: java -jar -Xmx1024m glashfish.jar

Posted by hantsy on June 11, 2007 at 05:04 AM EST #

hi hantsy, Actually, that's not needed for gf v2. As noted in Update 2, above, the problem was a bug in Parallels - interference between Java and DirectX support Regards, David

Posted by David Coldrick on June 11, 2007 at 05:23 AM EST #

Had the same experience with Element 5 and Parallels not knowing whom to blame about licence issues.

Now I am having a problem with my licence again – Parallels really messed up the licencing. If you buy Parallels and need an update (from 3.x to 3.y) it requires you to re-enter the licence key. And it will probably reject the key as being invalid. Of course that means, that your VM is not usable!

I have to say it: I lile the product itself, but I would never buy anything from them again because of those issues.

Posted by German Psycho on June 19, 2008 at 04:32 PM EST #

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