Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

Last post

I've resigned from Sun, lured away by the prospect of living on 100 acres in southern Tasmania. Magical view, wonderful relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney and the corporate life. So this is my last entry: best of luck to all, and thanks for following along. Haven't yet decided whether to go Wordpress or Blogger: will leave tracks on both. In the short term, try wordpress Best regards, David

Friday Jan 18, 2008

MySQL merger

Man, oh man! What a wonderful thing.

I can't imagine a better combination of cultures. They've been making a packet from support and services on a great opensource product, and that's exactly what we're getting into, at least on the software side. Can't be anything but goodness, as far as I'm concerned, regardless of Larry's reaction.

Thursday Dec 20, 2007

The podcast entry

Something that often comes up in discussion with developers is how to keep up on what's happening in Java. There are several podcasts I listen to regularly: all are available via iTunes, or directly from their web sites. If you have yet to discover this way of making the commute to work effortless, I highly recommend it.

Top of the list has gotta be JavaPosse. Four knowledgeable Java developers, Tor Norbye from Sun, Dick Wall and Carl Quinn from Google, and Joe Nuxoll from Apple sit around and discuss the latest events in the Java universe. Really good.

More on the fun side are the TWIT (This Week In Tech) podcasts, run by Leo Laporte. I'd recommend any of these, but I follow TWIT, MacBreak Weekly, Windows Weekly, and Security Now.

Drunk and Retired is full of juvenile humour and occasional insight from Cote and Charles, usually about development and development practices

LUGRadio is an irreverent, often funny but always rude look at Linux. Quality of the audio can be not so hot and the strong Pommie accents don't help. Wouldn't miss it, tho.

Finally, I enjoy a local - Gold Coast - production, Aussie Tech Head, just about things technical with an Australian flavour (and accent).

Monday Dec 17, 2007

NetBeans 6 Profiler Screencast

The final of the Australian Developer Days screencasts is now available from here. This covers some of the the profiler facilities in NetBeans 6, and is taken from Sang Shin and Greg Sporar's hands-on lab at

And that's enough screencasts for now!

Friday Dec 14, 2007

NetBeans 6 Editor Screencast

Third in the series from the Australian DevDays session. This time the focus is on the enhancements to the editor in NetBeans 6. For some reason, I found this a difficult screencast to make: pls excuse any fumble-mouth moments.

Thursday Dec 13, 2007

NetBeans 6 GUI Builder Screencast

Another from the Australian DevDays sessions, this time showing some of the facilities in NetBeans 6 for building GUIs, using the Swing Application Framework (JSR 196) and Beansbinding (JSR 195).


NetBeans 6 / Glassfish / Tango Screencast

Finally got around to dubbing audio on the demos I recorded for Australian DevDays in October. This first screencast is largely a repeat of one I'm sure Arun Gupta did, but I decided to include it for completeness (besides, I couldn't find Arun's for some reason).


Monday Dec 10, 2007

NetBeans 6 - the only IDE you need

Yes, I know it was released last week, already. Lots of great documentation, screencasts, more screencasts, and the new edition of the NetBeans magazine.

Details on new features are here. Take a look at the Ruby and Rails support!

Tor, who incidentally is the guy responsible for the R&R support, has done some excellent demonstration videos. Enjoy!

Sun Tech Days Coming to Oz

This is a Big Deal. Main event - three days worth - in Sydney, with satellite events in Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra. The satellite cities will have a one-day event, with a combination of video live from Sydney and local speakers from the evangelist team

The third day - Sydney only - will be a Community Day, with tracks for Universities, Glassfish, NetBeans, Mobility and Open Solaris. Although you need to register for one of the tracks for the Community Day, there should be no problem in moving from one track to another. See the agenda for details.

And it's all free, as in, well, ... free.

Wednesday Sep 19, 2007

NetBeans 6 First Beta out the door

Never rains but it pours. The Big Thing about version 6, of course, is the total rewrite of the editor. But there's lots more:
  • Swing GUI Builder and Framework
  • Ruby on Rails Support
  • Visual JSF Design
  • Web Services & SOA
  • XML Schema Editor, XSLT Designer
And more Still some flakes on this - it is first beta, after all - but immensely better than milestone 10. Download it and give it a spin.

Monday Sep 17, 2007

GlassFish V2 Released Today

Along with Sun Java System Application Server 9.1, of course.

While V1 was focused on single instance and developers, this one adds everything needed for the enterprise customer: clustering, load balancing, failover, etc. All of this in a single download - no more "Editions" - then you configure the result based on how you want to use it

Lots of other good stuff, but one that's particularly of interest is Metro": support for the WSIT technology resulting from the Tango project. This provides excellent WS-\* support for organisations needing to interoperate between .NET and Java.

All this with seriously good performance. Add to this superb manageability, and you begin to realise that you no longer have to make the choice between open source and enterprise quality: it's here.

And if you want enterprise level support, SJS AS 9.1 is the commercial support brand for GlassFish V2. They are the same bits, with support price competitive with JBoss, and much cheaper than BEA and IBM.

For those of us who have been involved with Sun's application server efforts for about seven years now, this is truly a watershed.

Thursday Sep 13, 2007

Developer Days in Australia

Happening in October in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Be there.

Details here.

Monday Sep 10, 2007

Latest GlassFish Builds

Just downloaded the latest NetBeans nightlies, which included the latest GlassFish builds.

Wow! Glassfish starts and stops like you wouldn't believe. \*Fasssst\*, baby! Give it a try.

Saturday Sep 01, 2007 Launches with the "Demo Stud"

Hey, it was James Gosling who called him that, not me :-) Tor does - as usual - an excellent job of demonstrating NetBeans 6. From the description: "Tor Norbye uses NetBeans IDE 6.0 to develop an integrated Java desktop CRUD and Ruby on Rails application. Tor highlights the code completion and live templates features of the Java and Ruby editors, the Rails code generator, and the IDE's JUnit module." Notice that if you double-click the video as it's playing, it comes up full-screen and really easy to follow

AirBus Redux

I've been reliably informed by Ruth that "Sorry, we are fresh out of Airbusses, can we offer you a Boeing instead?" Hey, I'm easy.

Friday Aug 31, 2007


Roller's playin' up: if you got several indications of new entries, I apologize.

Air and Buses and NetBeans

Roumen is concerned about the Air bus compared to Tim's. I don't see the problem: we just need a proper Airbus.

Saturday Aug 18, 2007

NetBeans to have GPLv2 Licensing

Good news, especially for Linux folks: Sun proposes to introduce GPLv2 with Classpath exception for NetBeans software as a second license option along with CDDL. This will make NetBeans more "Linux-friendly". Take a look at the FAQ.

Sunday Jul 22, 2007

JavaFX July Updates

Exciting stuff. In addition to updated and new demos, there is now a OpenJFX Compiler Incubator Project. Enjoy!

Tuesday Jul 10, 2007

Reverting Swing Application to Java SE 1.5

Got bored with running my home-grown bookmarker application in a Windows virtual machine on my Mac: decided to regress from Java SE 6 to JDK1.5 so it would run directly on the Mac between now and October's Leopard release. :-( Moved the NetBeans project files across, opened the project in NetBeans, and, of course, had lots of errors, mostly due to the references to GroupLayout stuff that had been generated by the NetBeans Matisse capability. So how do I get nb to regenerate the code for the layout to use the swing-layout library? Turns out to be easy … once you know how. For each form, with the Inspector, choose Properties, then change the Layout Generation Style from "Standard Java 6 code" to "Swing Layout Extensions Library". Clean and build, and you're done.

David Coldrick


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